01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jared goff lions nfc championship game eminem
it someone tech support just googling the problem insulting profession
cat bakery coffee shop number now ignoring
sign meet people old fashioned way alcohol poor judgment bar
theirs the irs sign
paid rent have place to starve family guy
watching new tv show netflix first half second series
people defending politicians ont give fck high five
if go back in time body slam fdr and woodrow wilson
progressives religious people delusional also worship fauci bernie obama
someone turn global warming back on thatd be great
lisa simpson vax passports board airlines illegals

Social Media Posts of the Day

x taylor swifties stalker discover bail reform
x reminder us capitol razor fencing but not us border
x bought him food slept sent in uber see how he likes it
x willy wonka grandparents challenge bed days
x republicans national debt once elected bart simpson dont care anymore

Quote of the Day

quote lawson sheep be ready to stand alone truth never stands with majority

Message of the Day

message be strong dont know who inspiring

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One thought on “01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Sadly many modern men have given up on relationships
    with women, and would be fine with food, bed her, then Uber.

    She doesn’t get it.

    I’m a traditionalist in that area. But I am in the minority

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