01-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog inside cleanest water bowls outside muddiest grossest puddle
biggest dude gym spotting failed last set of life office handshake
realtor people died haunted horror movie families sponge bob
robinhood prince of memes stealing feed joy across the land
liberal plastic straws blizzards typhoons panic
books gretchen whitmer half whit closed gas pumps saved world from covid
mom libertarians son taxation theft end fed no victim no crime ron paul
in-n-out burger oakland crime closing
babylon bee supreme court rules texas replace wall with red carpet

Social Media Posts of the Day

x world economic forum schwab totalitarianism everyone nods politely
x chuck schumer freedom zyn
x thankful past balancing checkbook devasting math poor
x weight pregnant son age now relevant
x dont sugarcoat life baby here comes airplane layover dallas

Quote of the Day

quote landry coach someone tells you dont want to hear see what you dont be could be

Message of the Day

message sign vote no on everything we dont need it cant afford it politicians

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