02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

asked flavor cup of coffee starbucks latte
googling adhd impact memory all links being purple
kramer seinfeld up here already gone friday
cats closed door meeting scratching meowing
me sitting on couch wife fck you are
in my defense left unattended googley eyes bra
baby yoda grogu pretending like everyone friday bow
book governing for dummies justice system media
dentist pokes gums floss regularly bleeding
guys think about future date pineapple juice
dumb dumber granholm pete buttigieg ev future frozen

Social Media Posts of the Day

x husband bit trying gag him during yawn
x horrible decision weird time in my life clown show
x read the bills free soda act illegal owning dog

New Meme Gallery Added

Klaus Schwab Meme Gallery

Message of the Day

message dreams disconnect people holding u back give up

Quote of the Day

quote da vinci nothing strengthens authority as much as silence

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