02-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dad sign free kittens in yard
random internet feet pics until meme career takes off
valentines day pizza hutt box be mine dat butt
mice organic cats hole foods
tv media spewing fear life preserver slavery
individualism free collectivism chains
angry liberals people happily living lives not bothering anyone
homer simpson world uses metric system usa everyone is dumb except me
eyes up here man boobs shirt
howd sleep banged up one pillow

New Meme Gallery Added

Taxes Meme Gallery 3

Social Media Posts of the Day

x subtle tweet someones birthday wont do it today
x open to feedback give me compliment
x invented twitter competitor my phone number text u random thought

Quote of the Day

quote sowell replacing word achievement privilege schools guilting students

Message of the Day

message everything kill you make it fun shark

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