02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat owners breed husky eskimo orange
gag brain making joke perfect setup
eat cheese stop drinking water la is thirsty

butt tunnel know what you saw
pizza real time pie chart how much pizza left
mafia pay protection beat you up take your stuff public wrong government
communism empty plate follow me for more recipes
fbi facial recognition not terrorists southern border elderly woman jan 6th
airport security americans border unicorns
dont let trump cheat paper ballots voter id
joe biden buttons star war russia iran china texas
me drinking from soggy straw save planet taylor swift
angry lady cat smudge take down inhumane barbed wire dont climb over it

Social Media Posts of the Day

x underwood buy her some fruity little drink embarrassing
x old pictures why let walk around happening again
x having multiple kids same age home alone hold umbrella
x niki haley democrats trump halloween grandma

Quote of the Day

quote mendoza no amount security worth suffering routine killed dreams

Message of the Day

message may life treat you way treat animals

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