02-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me after talking people 5 minutes enough of that
dog bark on zoom gets lots of treats
body sleep signals all day not doing it insomnia
government liberal know whats best force on everyone
anakin palpatine possible learn to meme not from left
wonka war on poverty drugs terror more successful wars to start
msnbc joy reid fcking war apologizes
facemask tan lines guy saved millions of lives
gervais hollywood epstein movie how many play yourself
liberal soviet milei dictatorship fan che mao stalin chavez castro
aoc omar israel occupying arab land green speck on map
republicans holding up border closing pierre why need deal
bill murray open borders day again groundhog

I’m Sure They Can Be Trusted 👌

headline google updated ai start reading private messages

Social Media Posts of the Day

x tucker carlson putin interview dan rather saddam hussein
x girlfriend fine walked away rookie move
x realizing 29 days black history month pandering

Quote of the Day

quote chris rock dont pay taxes they take it

Message of the Day

message winning information war normies reality crazy

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