02-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog puppy car how it started how its going
woman man shampoo 6 in 1 body car carpet
opportunity leave social interaction dog wall
biden wrecking ball wall border congress needs to fix that
old macdonald had a farm bill gates burning
revenge of the jedi striking down mickey mouse disney
brain size activity media lies humor manipulation
face you make another psyop forming already see through narrative
trade offer chuck schumer 5000 illegals per day jurisdiction ukraine
vagina doesnt make woman lipstick heels handbag
refund more than paid taxes not your taxes back mine
biden overthrow government f-15s wait pilots dei pilots drag queens
last thing see hunted sport private island schumer biden
journalism walters abc putin interviews tucker treason

Ukraine Money-Laundering & Bioweapon Programs Are In Jeopardy 😱

Kudos to the Left for once again mobilizing against Free Speech.

x hillary clinton tucker carlson hit piece

Social Media Posts of the Day

x powell debt senate reponse mcconnell schumer biden
x pets great companionship trip die moving room to room
x most dangerous thing happening western governments turning own citizens

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Quote of the Day

quote believe insulin resistance common health disorder bikman dr

Message of the Day

message forgive people by forgetting them

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2 thoughts on “02-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Insulin Resistance … Yes, but the propaganda narrative won’t tell you the research. Resistance is created by FAT in the muscle cells, not carbs. Turns off two separate molecular pathways.

    The research doesn’t matter, the massive marketing campaigns for meat & dairy matter.

    Btw my a1c went from a terrible 13.5 down to a non-diabetic 5.7 by 6 months of eating extremely high fiber diet.

    Watch the money, it determines the headlines.

  2. Going pure carnivore also reverses diabetes. It may be carbs and fat in the muscles cells too. I’m sure going vegetarian would cure diabetes too. There are many methods.

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