02-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant stand people ride bicycles car haul
me lying on cv company job description handshake breaking bad
chucky doll cant unsee it taylor swift
pete carroll bill belicheck tv next year old men muppets balcony
ted nugent ready for real halftime superbowl show
superbowl 2024 gop democrats biden helmet on backwards snopes says no
noticed sign welcomes florida jurassic park
gen x raised on hose water and neglect
biden no superbowl interview palestine closed border fewest conference busy vacationing 10 percent
clown bidenomics working hiring white house economists
border closed republicans democrats open door
grim reaper kinzinger cheney romney mcdaniel mcconnell
no miley cyrus only zuul
politicians starting temporary government program laughing
babylon bee troy passes border protection limiting trojan horses 5000 day
everyone questioning known liars competence fbi stealing classified documents he forgot excuse

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x border bill security guard hired protect loot stuff raise fewer people
x safest password system resetting each time
x dad when life gives you lemons find someone with a papercut

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Quote of the Day

message office jim halpert whiteboard war on terror powers terrorize you

Message of the Day

quote mark twain continuous improvement better than delayed perfection

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3 thoughts on “02-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. This is typical of the demonrats to name a bill one thing but does the opposite. First, the Republicans should never have sat down with the democrats. Biden made the mess, so he can fix it. He violated his Oath of office and should have been removed.
    Second, any and all legislation should be done in the open floor with all members present and available on tv, radio and the internet for public discussion.
    Thirdly, I remember the outright lies from the demonrats during President Ronald Reagan’s administration that if he granted amnesty just this one time that they would close down the borders. They lied and never had any intention to do so.
    What’s wrong with Republicans? They are either stupid or part of the problem.

  2. Gen X – hose water and neglect.

    Aren’t you the people posting all those memes about aches and pains so early in life?

    Rub some dirt on it and shut up.

  3. The folks drowning in the storm aren’t drowning because they have a smaller boat, they’re drowning because they were too lazy to learn how to swim.

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