02-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

text her calm down 15 minutes dots
women not cute drinking trying to make guy
teen walk plank phone dont need blindfolds
pizza delivery wife didnt feel like cooking pregnancy
bidenomics illustrated get married live your parents mine
soldiers those not wanting tax dollars israel ukraine
biden only february already bombed 4 countries so far simpsons
chernobyl doesnt show nuclear power communism doesnt work
pothole goose without government wildlife ponds enjoy
comparison republicans democrats perpetul war never stops spending spies
find out gina carano suing disney
turbo tax any dependents zelensky
babylon bee get rich 8 things to invest in asap

Nothing Is Untouchable in the Cult of Climate Change

headline wef drink coffee putting co2 atmosphere

They will not stop until they’ve banned or ruined everything that makes life worth living. Even if the junk science they invent on a daily basis were true, there’s only so much you can remove before life becomes a dull, meaningless existence. The WEF/NWO Ruling Class mafia are now the high priests of the fastest growing science religion. They decree their new commandments on a daily basis, which only apply to the peasants, of course.

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Social Media Posts of the Day

x western schools propaganda tucker interview usa classroom
x drinking whiskey not crime bar tab bernie sanders student debt
x hillary clinton dsouza neurotic coverup artist failed schema angry bitter
x candidate preferred nikki haley flaming dumpster
x taylor swift kelce watching jason drunk bush

Quote of the Day

quote barr not in same boat storm drowning help

Message of the Day

message most expensive thing trust years to earn moments to lose

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2 thoughts on “02-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Americans need to just say no to the WEF. Their only goal is power,money and total global control of the peasants. They will never give up any of their luxuries- steak, lobster, jet airplanes, gas vehicles and the list goes on.
    None of the climate predictions have ever come to past. Coastal cites are not under water, polar ice is increasing and nothing they want us to give up will make any difference with the climate.
    People need to question this whole climate scam. Ask these cultist just what/how do they plan to control the weather. The earthquakes,tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, the rain, and hot weather. Volcanoes, tsunamis? What can they do? How do they quantify it?
    All this reminds me of the ancient civilizations who would have one or two high priests/witch doctors or such that knew how to control their people because they could read the weather patterns and use those against the peons/subjects. Are we headed there?
    Wake up people! open your minds.

  2. The ONLY counter argument that we need to present to debunk climate alarmism is: “Humans put CO2 in the atmosphere, plants inhale CO2 and put O2 in the atmosphere, Humans breathe O2 and put CO2 in the atmosphere, repeat ad infinitum. We have a symbiotic relationship with plants. If Humans stop putting CO2 in the atmosphere, plants die. When all the plants die, Humans will die. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Trust the science.”

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