02-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife perfect valentines day gift already has me
valentines day coming love in the air sprays lysol
angry lady cat smudge andy reid travis kelce
nothing love unconditionally slimfast valentines day
tinder valentines day buffalo bill curvy girls precious insects dry skin take a chance
soldier letter day 86 taylor swift posts no end in sight
fbi facebook instagram combined database
heater accessory electric coals furnace
2nd amendment doesnt apply modern weapons your way canons windows
george kittle shirt 4 yards superbowl
doc why no one test positive old variant new one is announced dont ask questions
liberal npc cant stop paying taxes government cant do anything
ex piece of sht valentines day donation liter box cat
old sleeping officer on duty mayorkas homeland security
same people believe jean carroll believed jussie smollett
nick saban carroll belichick retiring age 70s congressmen 97 not leaving
houston pd trying determine which pronoun shooter

As Convincing as a Drunk Driver Refusing a BAC Test

x biden white house wont take cognitive test

The Party Is Commanding You to Ignore the Evidence of Your Eyes & Ears

headline nyt neuroscientist bidens memory age wrong way
x coons propagandists biden brilliant private
joe biden venn diagram mentally unfit criminal charges president

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet nothing terrifies husband no gifts valentines day
x sunshine elementary school learned shape rhombus last time
x government set precendent normal life privilege withdrawn grovelling obedience punish dissenters

Quotes of the Day

quote rand paul 95 billion aid ukraine more than marine corps
quote coolidge more important kill bad bills than pass bad one

Message of the Day

message milei deregulating housing market creates more rental units supply cheaper prices

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