02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat youtube video wake up owner smack
opinion on meme opinion worthless hear anyway
when conspiracy theorists hear admitting facts knew two years ago
free space trap safe space
what if told you taxation isnt same as charity matrix
gems research ruby ridge operation northwoods project mockingbird
sign mitch mcconnell chinese owned btch
republicans make fun of biden too old polls
reid kelce establishment propaganda me trying live my life
volkswagon goose why ads only go back to 1950s
rico da fani willis corruption
build anything they will come irs doj sec epa field of dreams
list valid ids required driving voting

The Biden Admin in One Tweet

x rachel levine climate change racist dressed as

Social Media Posts of the Day

x meticulously proofread find mistakes casual glance
x be reason coworkers not allowed drink on clock
x real fani willis narcissist unhinged entitled unreported cash
tweet trump hope no life other planets us government send money

Quote of the Day

quote betty white how get people be so anti mind own business

Message of the Day

message normalize sending kids trade school without making feel less than 4 year kids

Let’s Hear Some Comments

I’m finding it incredibly difficult to find any recent movies worth watching. So, I’ve been re-watching a lot of 80s and 90s movies. Please let us know in the comments if you have any post-2000 movies we should see. A bonus if you can give us a current streaming service that has it included. Thanks!

january 6th committe nominated best film editing

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20 thoughts on “02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Can’t help with movies, I gave up on anything made after 1970. It was about the same time that ‘country’ music went ‘up-town’. Sad.

    Recent report, about a TV channel showing all old westerns, their audience is larger than CNN’s. Signs of the times…..

  2. Hell or High Water (2016)
    Brigsby Bear (2017)
    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)
    The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

  3. There will be blood(2007)
    Don’t Breathe(2016)
    Catch me if you can(2002)
    The Prestige(2006)
    John wick(2014)
    John wick Chapter 2 ( 2017)
    John Wick Chapter 3- Parabellum (2019)
    The departed(2006)
    Shutter island(2010)
    A Quiet Place(2018)
    The Dark Knight(2008)
    The Hateful eight(2015)
    The wolf of wall street(2013)
    A Quiet place part 2(2020)
    300 (2006)
    Training day(2001)
    Monster’s Ball(2001)
    World War Z(2013)
    Black hawk down(2001)
    The hangover(2009)
    Blood Diamond(2006)
    Home front ( 2013)
    Dracula Untold(2014)
    I am Legend( 2007)

  4. Sideways – 2004 (Paul Giamatti)
    This is 40 – 2012 (Paul Rudd)
    Big Fish – 2003 (Tim Burton)
    The Accountant – 2001. Not the 2016 film with Ben Affleck. It’s an Indy short film (40 min) with actor Ray McKinnon.
    I stream all my movies on my buddy’s private server through Plex. It has just about any movie you can think of. I don’t know how he gets them. It’s better to not ask.

  5. I (surprising) liked “Wonka” because it stayed so faithful to Roald Dahl’s books and characters. Light fun with minimal “diversity” nagging.

    Both recent Tom Cruise movies (“T.G. Maverick” and M.I. 2023) were fun, fast and not too dumbed down.

    Some of my favourites have been horror movies–maybe because they depend more on good scripts and acting than bloated budget/marketing.

    “Renfield” is hysterically brilliant (tho gory + awful language) “Black Phone”, “Come Play” “Smile” and “Vivarium” all made me shudder, jump, AND think.

  6. Act of Valor 2012
    Warrior 2011
    Ordinary Men: The Forgotten Holocaust 2022
    The Last Days 1998 (not post 2000s but too good not to put in this list)
    The last two are documentaries but are so worth the watch!

    • Just needed to add 2 more movies I just saw for anyone else like me who’s going back and looking over movies posted here:
      The Engineer 2023
      Hunter Killer 2018

  7. The Death of Stalin (2017) is a political satire black-comedy film. Streams on Amazon Prime and several other services.

  8. Some great movies before 2000

    Kelly’s Heroes (1970)
    Father Goose (1964)
    Operation Petticoat (1959)
    Doctor Strangelove (1964)
    Yellowbeard (1983) – Marty Feldman’s last movie

    • Note: in “Operation Petticoat”, the bit about toilet paper actually happened. It was reported in “Pig boats”: The true story of the fighting submariners of World War II (A Bantam fifty) Mass Market Paperback – January 1, 1958 by Theodore Roscoe (Author)

      Roscoe was also the author of the official USN history of US submarine activities in the Pacific in WW2. “Pig Boats” leaves out most of the technical details.

      The movie is well worth watching, as is “Father Goose”.

  9. If you understand/appreciate British ‘humour’: There is a series of seven “Doctor” movies, starting with “Doctor In The House”.

    Another British series: “Carry On …”. The first two, “Carry On Sargent” and “Carry On Nurse”, are in black and white. There’s 31 movies in the series. (My wife really likes “Carry On Up The Khyber.”) (“Carry On Admiral” is not one of them, it was a ‘knock-off’.)

    Also British: “The Mouse That Roared”. Strongly recommended, if only for the line following “We can’t do business with Red China”.

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