02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog ancestry results 3 percent scandinavian
open trunk cop stick figures
hbo changing name every 6 months office max go now
how to calm down trans woman calm down sir
liberal npc mask need peer reviewed study source agree with self evident fact
hollywood celebrity million dollar mansion lecture working man
house mayorkas border security truck impeached
false politifact truth president more one hour jean pierre white house
avengers women written by men scarlett johanson by woman shehulk fani
babylon bee biden cant remember time history memory failed

Why I No Longer Read/Watch the “News”

This has been a DAILY occurrence for the last 8+ years. Yes, I believe you can pick ANY of the last 2500 days at random and find this pattern….

Step 1: Scan headlines, read “Trump said/did so-and-so showing he’s evil/racist/sexist/heartless/etc…..”

Step 2: Look up exactly what he said/did in the full context. Realize it’s nothing like described in the headline and represents the thinking of 70+ percent of the country.

Step 3: Hate and distrust the corrupt media even more.

rachel maddow msnbc does matter what trump says what we tell you he meant
cnn media don lemon cherry picked stories manipulate
trump book triggered yell prove your point

Only the Narrative Matters

x holden armenta kansas city shooter underage
x kc shooter underage sandmann rittenhouse

Social Media Posts of the Day

x zuby 2020 2021 events dystopian novel rejected unrealistic incoherent people never that stupid
x conspiracy theorists most intelligent people on earth discredit

Quote of the Day

quote heinlein us place mistaken entertainers athletes people of importance

Message of the Day

lesson monopoly dollar us currency difference believe one has value

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One thought on “02-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. We haven’t had a real honest press for over 60 years. They have always been on the side of evil-aka democrats. They have always vilified conservatives and republicans. They did it to President Richard Nixon, President Ronald Reagan, both Bushes and now President Donald Trump. Especially President Donald Trump starting even before he won. As soon as he threw his hat in the ring, they were like sharks in a feeding frenzy. The media is our true existential threat to our republic and way of life. When will congress act to reign in these evil people who will edit an interview to put conservatives in a negative light. There should be harsh consequences for the outright bias of the main stream news. Perhaps a huge fine to the news outlet as well as those who take part in lying and subverting the truth. If the second amendment can be regulated, so can the first.

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