02-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog own leash realize no help coming adult motive move forward
airport security kangaroo passengers empty pockets
female tell you busy in bed relaxing serial killer documentaries
churches pay taxes like everyone else no tax free
play legos with kids wife educational tinneman square
sponge bob eventually deal national debt burning instrutions
republicans wish trump though unexpressed democrats biden any
jimmy carter solar farm trump dismantle epa private power
rachel levine proud jewish man climate change racist laughing joker
suburban white women multiple degrees home suv handmaidens tale
release the names kids sandmann rittenhouse hold kc shooter
scrat ice age nut police car

If It Doesn’t Fit the Narrative…

headline harvard professor no racial bias police shootings

Social Media Posts of the Day

x print 3 pages quickly printer no
x trillions spent on propaganda didnt work on me
x sorry didnt text back months phone in hand 23 hours day
x organizer of letter biden laptop cia donates nikki haley

New Meme Gallery Added

Dogs Meme Gallery 5

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas will leave court do job as bad as media

Message of the Day

message inalienable human rights arent subject majority vote

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