02-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

book how tell if cat plotting to kill you
no bond stronger toxic work relationship survived together
she spent hair makeup lingerie me edge of bed
meanwhile att headquarters johnny airplane unplug
government state provide good service without permission accidentally bomb schools
biden xi iran china agree dictator trump cant gain power
new person scrolling my page need help penny
worked lot overtime cant wait check government
simpsons state no power electric car cant leave danger
remember pepper spraying didnt wear masks
two party system training running over red blue
npc liberal money politics public sector unions
crime nypd dance team response

Social Media Posts of the Day

x gorgeous girl gym annoying dude drop weight foot hospital
x good relationship stand by you bad times wouldnt happen listened
x reminder people like socialism same people liked group projects school

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Quote of the Day

quote dave smith truly consent taxes make voluntary find out

Reminder: AI Is Only As Good As the People Who Program It

gemini apology google inages white people
x elon musk woke racist openai gemini truth seeking
founder gemini anti white posts

As someone who’s worked in I.T. for over 25 years, I can tell you computers CANNOT THINK, nor will they EVER be able to do so. All they can do is run programs. Sure, technology is increasingly allowing them to mimic human-like qualities, but everything in artificial intelligence is eventually broken down to binary mathematics of 1’s and 0’s, doing what it’s told by human programmers. Who’s progamming the A.I.? In almost all cases, it’s young brainwashed, anti-democratic, politically-correct, socialist liberals from the West Coast of America. Because they’re mostly young, their schooling is fresh from the current woke ideology taught with a warped, communist version of history. Plus, younger Americans, especially ones in Silicon Valley who spend 90 percent of their waking hours on a computer or device, simply don’t have the life experience to question what they’ve been taught, nor understand the reality outside their own corner of the world. A.I. is awesome for mathematics and logic-related problem solving, but outside of that, I believe much of the rest of it will turn into yet another Big Brother means of monitoring people and controlling their thoughts. Picture a more sophisticated version of social media censors & “fact” checkers, controlled and weaponized by the Ruling Class.

babylon bee hal refuses open door dave

Message of the Day

message fair elections would end the democrat party

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