02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fideo paw law firm dog human break treat in half chase
girls best friend dont trust guys ac ladder
bad kitty cat log out plenty of fish website women site
windows 10 11 12 logos same
year 2042 electric car wont start cricket paste monthly allotment farts
tax accountant what line 20 million illegals as dependents
seinfeld seinhub blonde asian interracial food costanza
caulkin home alone multiple government agencies listening drugs organizing masses
disney executive do movies again ideas
trump maga stop truck globalism wars climate change open borders censorship
joe rogan fear factor challenge walk through berkeley maga hate trump shoes
babylon bee president xi china appointed san francisco election


x elon musk censorship google search
new normal canada news content cant be shared text
x gamers confused google chess all black pieces

Social Media Posts of the Day

x therapist supervillain plot ruin own life
x why generation so unhappy rent 50 percent income
x google gemini famous african americans kimmel schumer pelosi dozier

Quote of the Day

quote markul if tiptoe around others walking with wrong tribe

Message of the Day

message confused world left alone extremist right wing ideology

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5 thoughts on “02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Just want to say thank you for continuing with this website. It’s the first thing I read in the morning with my coffee and it gets me off to a good start every day!

  2. Censorship, a vile and nasty word yet those on the evil left disguise it by labeling what they don’t want you to see or hear as hate speech,misinformation or disinformation. And that makes it okay to censor. Too many people allow this to go on, mainly because those who call it out for what it really is get bullied, cancelled and or destroyed by the mob.
    If you believe in a free and open country, this would not be tolerate or even exist.
    What will it take to change all this?

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