02-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rappers graffiti tattoos look like desks detention
simplified blogging post shares followers dog comments
cats couch lion king scar
marge simpson yoga position american taxpayer
have you been called conspiracy theorist lawyer entitled to apology
me selling red meat black market crickets only legal protein source
how you look trusting government tiger tail outlet pool
leftists nuclear energy no kill all cows eliminate airplanes yes
inflation reported by white house actual andre giant
how we imagined ai 40 years ago now gemini artificial intelligence
non binary spanish translation masculine femine
who isnt struggling to pay rent buy groceries zelensky ukraine
babylon bee google ai gemini promise better job hiding racism

Maybe the Same for Politician Bunkers? 🤔

billionaire bunkers can be sealed with concrete

Social Media Posts of the Day

reddit british food that bad if made correctly
x 95 percent media calls far right extremists left alone
x social media seeing ads overheard conversations

Quote of the Day

quote ryan reynolds people la afraid of gluten rob liquor store with a bagel

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Message of the Day

message immature vs mature thinking responsible challenge offended

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