03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

high schools colleges suffer mit pirate certificate
cat shirt what doesnt kill me curiouser
never better pickup line napolean dynamite not fat whole milk
we were too young slowpoke rodriguez high af
government monument doesnt have to stand irs doj
reading lips creepy neighbor guy next door
unskippable youtube ad me looking away not letting them win
babylon bee womens history month cancelled implying
bidens other dog legacy media msm
interviewer see yourself 5 years driving tank chased by police
nikki haley for president google gemini hillary
liberal npc chip brain mainstream media old new propaganda
artificial intelligence biased against conservatives laser
babylon bee ronna mcdaniel dnc chir hire experience defeating republicans

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Alcohol and Drinking Meme Gallery 4

Social Media Posts of the Day

x funny concept doctor know everything no one can afford to ask questions
x thomas massie every spending bill tax bill borrowing printing
x buy college degree great condition never been used
x rand paul tulsi gabbard book left democrat party

Quote of the Day

quote confuscius man fool for minute doesnt ask lifetime

Message of the Day

message if science never questioned ddt cocaine cigarette doctor recommended

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3 thoughts on “03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. You can see how complete the programming has been when in the last meme, DDT is compared to cocaine in cola as “bad”. Banning DDT accomplished nothing other than condemning tens of millions to die from malaria worldwide. Spots on my apples indeed.

    • The banning of DDT is an act more evil than the Nazis’ Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. As I recall, malaria kills approximately 1 million children every year. DDT has never been shown to be harmful to mammals or birds (not even eggshell thinning). Such beliefs were propagated in the wildly popular book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. She provided a variety of sources for her claims which few people pursued. Those who pursued her sources discovered they did not say what she had claimed!

  2. The DDT ban was based on pseudo science though – that’s not the sort of questioning of science we want.

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