03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda scientist explaining importance good sleep me 3am watching explain
trying catnip for first time when does it kick in note mouse connected
sign should be etiquette class for flying
americans measure anything but metric system 4 milfs ahead
life perspective exercises reads complains hates prison
love my current windows version update surrounded
sign which criminals strike first firearms permitted no guns
uhaul where going any place not run by democrats minnesota
beaver liquors and wine cellar
costanza trying find meme four years ago comeback argument
biden mcconnell zelensky steals from the poor gives to ukraine robinhood
mitch mcconnell retiring 82 congress quitter old
emperor whitmer measles back no boating gardening restaurants science

The Party’s Only Path to Indefinite Power Is Preserving the Right to Cheat

x garland get rid voter id laws flood country illegals

Social Media Posts of the Day

facebook removes trump covid flu comparison
x if people lives taught lives oppressor evil sht to you
x travel with your kids opportunity bored exotic places
x work 9-5 office shop why society set up
x nikki haley wins dc swamp primary

New Meme Gallery Added

World Economic Forum (WEF) Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote buckley rather government phone directory than harvard faculty

Message of the Day

message weightlifting look in mirror thats your competition

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2 thoughts on “03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. “All nine Members of the [Supreme] Court agree with [overturning the Colorado Spaz]. Our colleagues writing separately further agree with many of the reasons this opinion provides for reaching it.” See Trump v. Anderson, at p. 13.

  2. Democrat-rats have changed how voting is both allowed and counted for as long as I can remember. Jungle primaries which are stacked in their favor along with shutting the counting of votes down when it looks like they are losing. Finding more votes weeks after the election all in for their candidate; In CA five republicans had won on election night only to be overturned weeks later. It happens in all states controlled by democrats.
    The only way to have honest elections is to go back to the one day of voting in person with ID on paper ballots. If other countries can do it, we can too.
    None of this electronic machines which can be hacked/programed to change the outcome of an election. No more mail-in voting and drop boxes which cannot be verified. If you are too lazy to take one day every two – four years, stand in line, show your ID and vote, that’s on you.
    Funny how the media never ask why it is discriminatory to only part of the population to have to vote like this but not to others, If I have to show my ID to fly,bank, buy liquor, and dozens of other less important things of every day interactions, then you should have to do so to vote.

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