03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

swanson morning after government steals hour sleep daylight savings
kids too old easter basket laundry cleaning supplies
two reasons dont trust people know them dont know them
signaling waiter need more onion rings
dudes comments women fake profiles fall bugs bunny in drag
miss high school talk people graduated years of life cant relate
sixth sense see stupid people scarborough biden better intellectually
describing benefits nuclear power liberal environmentalist caveman
sponge bob magic rainbow government assault guns criminals terrorists obey
chuckys evil brother zucky
intel big tech artificial intelligence weaponized doj censorship media influence elections
lebron first nba player 40000 points 21 seasons costanza

Quote of the Day

quote biden lowering prescription drug cost 35 percent increase

Social Media Posts of the Day

x seen netscape frames altavista gopher old it
x legislation concise one subject publicly available before voting
x bernie sanders sotu mask before after showtime
x nancy pelosi more concerned undocumented than murdered

Professionally Trained to Argue and Ignore Personal Values

Some lawyers are good, honest people, so it’s bad to overgeneralize, but think about how they’re trained in law school and the basis of much of their profession. They’re trained to argue. They’re trained to defend one side of a dispute regardless of the law, their personal feelings, or their values. They’re trained to manipulate whatever provisions of the legal system they can find to win. Win!…regardless of ethics, morals, or who is hurt in the process. So, it should come as no surprise that the most predominant prior profession of American politicians is attorney. Thus, they advocate for “their side” regardless of the desire or the outcomes of the citizens they serve. And if given enough power, they manipulate & weaponize the justice system against political opponents. Sound familiar? 🤔

teacher lying not a job lawyers politicians

Message of the Day

message world against red vs blue mind control everyone losing

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3 thoughts on “03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I have been saying exactly what Justin said. I would add that there would be no closed door gang of 5,8 or whatever. Any and all discussions on legislation should be done in a public televised forum. No secret back room deals. No pork or bribes to get the bill passed. It is either good for the people or not.

  2. I should add that any and all rules and regulations from unelected bureaucrats and their agencies should not be allowed to be enforced until they are debated by congress, passed and signed into law. We are suppose to be a representative republic and those bureaucrats are not elected and therefore their rules and regulations should not carry the weight of law

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