03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

someone i want to get to know you pick jeopardy category mental illness poor life choices substance abuse
can guess difference male female birds
cats catnip munchies squirrel scout cookies
you enjoying fruits of labor state creeping
remember when forced lockdown mask tested every week
how other countries imagine americans eat breakfast eggs bacon gun
bill gates sign update antivirus every 6 months
coming soon liberal scream 2
look if government transparent blackrock pfizer wef att bank of america
women calling trans beautiful and inspiring
hersheys chocolate her not she with nuts
biden off if better off 3 years ago illegal
fdny hunts down firefighters cheered trump lets go brandon
clown patriot act factcheckers 15 days slow the spread tiktok ban

MSM: Fair and Balanced as Always 👍

cnbc trump proposed tariffs

Get it? Trump tariffs = higher prices on imported goods. But don’t worry, Biden increasing corporate taxes across the board or on individuals (i.e. small businesses & independent contractors) won’t affect a thing. 🙄

And of course, let’s not mention that the Trump tariffs would only be in retaliation for other companies unfairly charging American imports. The media gets more tiresome and predictable every day.

dumping tariffs on china wake up bucket of ice

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x zuckerberg rigs 2020 for ruling class they ban tik tok competitor quid pro quo
x if nancy pelosi pushing bill ban tiktok bad
x liberals get rid of maga free speech voter id supreme court save democracy
x obama smooth class illegal wars middle east domestic spying drug wars
x garland never charged trump insurrection repeating mantra big lie
x massie debt increasing trillions just tax the rich
quote ben franklin those give up pizza abs deserve neither pizza nor abs
quote dune herbert governments power attracts pathological personalities are corruptible
message life too shot say missed where thats my problem

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2 thoughts on “03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I love the “I missed the part where that’s my problem”. I occasionally use it at work, along with the ever-popular Dilbert “that’s not in my mission statement”. As the resident oldest coot in the office, I usually know the answer to everything and get treated like a human wikipedia by the young-uns. I don’t mind answering questions, it’s the part where they actually ask me to attend meetings and take action items where I pull out the “not my problem” line.

  2. Unpopular opinion alert: I’m all for banning TikTok, but not because I’m aligning with the rulling class or the Big Tech overlords, but because I think ALL social media should be banned. It should be banned b/c it is the bane of society and keeps the general population like zombies and easier to control. If you haven’t watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentary yet, I highly recommend it. You will stop using social media about half way through and by the end, you’ll vow to never use the toxic technology ever again.

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