03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats bird feeder watch new season together
compared size of tv to dishwasher
tired insomnia phone bright light all worlds bad news
disable microphone google home
media asking any question biden staff hook
tear down this monument to slavery irs
door newsom trudeau accepted state lord and savior
nyt turns out deep state awesome not happening right wing conspiracy good
dan crenshaw puppet surveillance state
biden democrats blowing up constitutional republic democracy before trump
biden bart simpson chalkboard 1 illegal immigrant 1 vote
china haley china tiktok spying spiderman facebook google microsoft
dc drowning red ink debt state of union
2016 vs 2024 chuck schumer meddling in elections usa israel

Bill Gates: Humanitarian Here to “Help” You 👍

bill gates study candy cereal healthier than meat

Bill Gates-Funded Nutrition Scientist Says Reese’s Cups Are Healthier Than Beef

Anatomy of Manufactured, Coordinated “News”

msm bloodbath comparison msnbc salon political
mainstream media manufactured story bloodbath

Supply & Demand, Unprecedented Spending & Money Printing All Landlords in America Started Price Gouging at the Same Time 👍

headline biden rent housing price gouging

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x before kids good immune system avoid people sneeze directly into eyeballs story
x talking about 3d printers havent mastered 2d
x told mom frustrated entire box tampons winter froze
x jk rowling happily two 2 years if alternative is compelled speech denial reality
quote sun tzu estimating intelligence ruler men around biden
message walk alone path of truth follow beliefs mentally enslaved

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One thought on “03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I rather walk alone is something my 4th grade teacher instilled in me, though she did not use the exact words here. What she told me was that I should be my own man and not follow the crowd. Words from then on I have lived by and never truer and more needed in society today. This should be taught and shown to all school kids at an early age. Make them strong and self-reliant. Quit indoctrinating them to be weak and dependent. They need to rely on logic and reasoning, not feelings and emotions.

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