03-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit sprung forward so hard back to winter
babylon bee scientists tea tastes better dumped replaced with coffee
finally kid without smartphone cigarette
explaining to wife both government watch lists social media
aoc capitalism people are selfish will work for common good
meanwhile irs training center
circles can believe climate changing hysteria take care environment
get out of facebook jail havent been rehabilitated
captain america winter soldier intelligence agencies new world order
democrats tell them illegal to be undocumented
gavin newsom seinfeld shouldnt be ashamed california
hollywood solution fight online piracy movies so bad watch for free
putin election arrest ones didnt vote for me call insurrection
planet fitness dont stop undressing transphobic

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

fb ohtani pete rose spiderman point
x aoc rico stands for rico isnt crime omg
x taxes neighbors healthcare than bombs keep money middleman
x women evacuated first disaster men solution silence
quote sobran politicians greed other peoples money only own money
message governments digital id on them lobbying meeting

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3 thoughts on “03-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. This trans-thing is just a mental illness that should be treated as such. The words used are made up to make the insane feel normal–they are not. At one time in the world, lobotomies were done on people with mental issues. Now doctors are performing sexual lobotomies on kids. What a horror/freak show. To allow this mutilation is criminal. Cutting off healthy body parts on kids no less should be a crime and any doctors who do this should be jailed.
    You can not change a male into a female and vice of versus. All you get is a sterile freak, a eunuch. These people are sicko’s. Why is society letting this happen?

  2. Yes, I agree this is a mental illness problem. I remember once I watched a documentary that in England somewhere some people got their limbs cut because they felt that a leg or a hand didn’t belong to them. Crazy!!! But there were doctors performing this procedure. So mental issues were always there but at least we had ‘normal’ people ‘ who stopped it but now I think that the normal people are scared to say something or don’t care anymore… or maybe people are calling the good bad and the bad good as the Bible says.

    • Don’t blame the doctors. They’re paid to perform a service.

      If you pay Joe Blow handyman to come cut a 3’ x 3’ hole in your roof
      It’s not his responsibility that the water is going to pour in.

      And yes, all the craziness that we’ve watched develop for over 200 years in this country is Biblical judgment for the same reason that the nation of Israel went into bondage numerous times.

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