03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant wait for day off dog laptop bed snacks
husband toad out of shower putting out vibe to wife
when they see your browser history phantom menace
babylon bee wife doesnt like tone husband ok reply text
diddler falling bridge documentary ruining childhood march gambling
pulled over speeding conduct internal investigation wrongdoing
socialist clocks broken right twice a day
maddow msdnc ronna mcdaniel hate trump too diverse open minded organization
kyle reese sarah connor make terminators in 2024
libertarian javier republican mental gymnastics bipartisan
mad men tricked biden signing bill abolishing irs remember
rob reiner lifetime proving archie bunker right meathead
biden cant do anything about immigration no switch to throw executive action
lemmings cliff we hate trump keeps us employed press club dont stop think
biden 40 trillion in debt collapse of dollar expansion of police state

Yes, the Ship Making a Hard Right Turn Directly into the Beam Was an “Accident” ๐Ÿ‘Œ

x biden pay cost of bridge insurance investigation

The resulting port closure & supply chain disruptions will provide yet another excuse for the “inflation isn’t Biden’s fault” media drumbeat, continuing the blame shifting started with Covid & Putin.

Baltimore bridge collapse shutters port indefinitely, impacting supply chain

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x bridge hours after bridge collapsed fbi mayor biden accident
x diddy combs obama check marthas vineyard
babylon bee new nfl rules just hug it out
x 60 minutes didnt disclose misinformation researcher biden donor government grants
x process podcast mic as hard as buying gun
x peak of us slavery ownership 1.6 percent stop hate entire white race
quote ron paul golden rule foreign policy do unto others
essage no deep state only state worse than you believe

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4 thoughts on “03-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. 1.6% is incorrect. Many slave owners were black. About 30% of the slave owners in New Orleans, for example.

    It is wrong to blame all whites for what white and black liberals did.

    • Given total populations of the 1860’s census around 31 million, there was no way a third of the country owned slaves. Maybe so in New Orleans, but that still seems high. According to the data back then, it showed around 1.4-1.7 percent of the population owned slaves. Mostly just in the south as the north did not want them and thought the blacks where not smart enough to work in factories.
      And you are right about black slave owners. Perhaps the race hustlers of today came from those same black slave owners. What is never talked about, much less taught in schools, is the fact that the slaves were enslaved by the black Africans and sold to anyone who had the means to purchase. That the strong tribes in Africa would raid the weaker ones and make slaves of them. That had been going on for centuries. And in some parts of the world it still goes on in one way or the other to this day.
      When America (Republicans) freed the slaves here, most choose not to be return back to their home country knowing that they would be re-enslaved there. And they could see what opportunity America had to offer despite the bigotry of those who sought to keep them down. See KKK, Jim Crow laws, segregation, most if not all by the democrat party.

  2. 1.6%? Would you believe thereโ€™s another demographic representing about 2% that had a large involvement?

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