03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

life so boring without cell phone managed spin the bottle
dogs bed thinking about other name before scar
et one night stand lingering home
sign tired of working on myself unapologetically insane
babylon bee nation wondering diddy done things repeatedly rapped about
dumpster facebook going through memories post 6 years ago jail ban
2024 campaign buttons anyone but trump biden none of the above
flasher in modern era pervert trans arrested hate speech
nbc news safe space ronna out big bad republican gone
atm account closed for dissenting opinions
mustang hybrid burns gas and rubber sign
willie nelson mamas dont let sons grow up to be ladies
geico saved money national defense not involved every war on planet
trust credibility in media pink slips bloodbath graph
democrats cash for clunkers rid cars couldnt be tracked change my mind
babylon bee biden get face new trillion dollar bill

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x biden headline shifts another 6 billion student loans
x men not persuasive dates say no play games playstation
x husband bought ice cream with raisins was fun marriage
x dei didnt earn it acronym altenative
message stop crying problems internet bottle up dark inappropriate humor
quote every time witness injustice do not act assange

Reminder: This is an Organization Big Tech Often Uses to Justify “Hate Speech” Censorship

adl 100 percent is racist white
babylon bee scientists warn within 5 months humanity run out of things to call racist

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One thought on “03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I love the “didn’t earn it” for dei because that is exactly what it is. A Marxist concept that rewards the lazy and unproductive and penalizes the productive hard worker who has real talent, work experience and ethics.
    And it is not really about diversity as they claim but all about identity, your skin color, made up gender (sex) lgbt etc….., how mentally ill you are IE; thus the T in lgbt.
    No talent or differing opinions, no work experience, just that you identify as something different but still have all the aspects of the one cultist party platform, leftist democrat.
    People need to push back on this dangerous and harmful policy. Meritocracy should be the only factor in hiring. As MLK stated: Judge me not on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character. Problem is, we have too many race hustlers as well as those mentally ill who will not debate you, but rather debase you–bully you into submission. Don’t let them get away with this. Stand up for yourself.

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