03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

going on tiktok learn latest slang older
dogs peeing electric fence son teaching moment
girl shirt heard anything believe leave fck alone
chet memes on news extremist content
chuck todd no republicans ronna mcdaniel nbc panic ghostbusters
politicians cant balance budget all become millionaires
stranger sends friend request check page make sure conspiracy memes anti globalist
koth putin harris zelensky biden people innocent
planet of apes statue liberty biden i did that
gender affirming care 18+ tattoo too permanent
joe biden economic vision fund both israel palenstine war
biden trader joes student loan forgiveness vote buying
usa debt clinton on track pay off by 2000 now 34 trillion
msnbc ronna mcdaniel fired wouldnt wear the democrat dnc ribbon

Weekly Psyop Report

suge knight diddy raids destroy incriminating stuff powerful men
feds spotlight sean diddy combs ignoring epstein

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

fb inigo skywalker darth killed my father prepare to die
x just me everything cost shopping in airport
x oldest kid playmate dictator rules iron fist
x elizabeth warren taxes bezos teachers tax them less homer simpson
message perfect families have most baggage sign
quote tulsi gabbard tiktok ban fooled politicians decide thoughts ideas
message letting government determine true false more dangerous lisa simpson

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2 thoughts on “03-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. They can’t balance the budget says it all. We should have a constitutional amendment that there is to be a balanced budget as well as a budget passed for the each year. The process must be out in the open and broadcast for all to see on the respective floors. It should be required to be read out loud in it’s entirety before any vote. No add-ons or amendments after the fact before the vote or the process starts over. No more of these continuing resolutions or government shut downs and if shut down, no one gets any pay for that time at all. If they are not working, they receive no pay, even after the fact. Departments, personnel, pensions all need to be cut and if the budget goes over, it comes out of the politicians pocket. No more grants,handouts and such. Eliminate welfare at the federal level. If there is such a great need for workers to fill jobs, then why are we paying out welfare to those who are too lazy to work.
    Term limits are needed to solve most of this.

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