04-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me watching whats about to be missed call
leg day easy not sore shouldnt have said that
open carry policy reduced sexual harassment at work
babylon bee biden trans day of visibility segment of population most in history
without taxes never caught al capone with prohibition never known him
shtposter civilian challenges status quo dank memes starship troopers
biden disaster afghanistan border inflation war trump grab by the
mega millions winners biden obama clinton radio city
correct me if im wrong internet even if youre right
1923 model t ford any color black biden any motor electric
redacted marker cia horrible things 50s 60s etc no one prosecuted
build back better biden planes bridges trains
bill gates named microsoft after my weiner change my mind
biden indiana jones swap easter egg trans flag
polls minorities leaving democrats once every election cycle pandering inadequate

An ID Is Only Racist When the Ability to Cheat in Elections Is Threatened

headline valid id required for obama clinton biden fundraiser

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

tweet day at lake kids 100x energy tire out
x new people girlfriend hand signal stop talking
x shooter mcgavin happy gilmore no way losing adam sandler sequel
quote scalia transformation charity entitement gratitude
message stay focused diddy nickelodean trying to distract from big fish
message baseballs life lesson swing fences strike

What a Weaponized Justice System Looks Like

nyc madoff ponzi scheme trump no victim bond millions

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3 thoughts on “04-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Not really a comparison to be made between Henry Ford and Totalitarian Joe. Nobody forced anyone to buy a Model T, and what he was offering was simply a great car at an outstanding price. Totalitarian Joe is offering ZERO choice, backed up with the force and violence of the government…oh, and lousy cars.

  2. As for the last one, here’s what I wrote when I posted it on FB..The “justice” system being what it is now, I don’t think electing DJT in Nov. is really going to right the “Ship of State”. We have a few real Constitutionalist politicians making some good policies around the country. But eventually, those policies will be challenged in court and many will be overturned. We’re fighting a rearguard action now and I’m not sure how long we’ll hold them off before we become Europe. smh

  3. There should never be any one group or groups given special rights or day/months of recognition other than our military and first responders. To do so is to discriminate against others which is unconstitutional. Everyone should be treated equally with no favors from government at any levels. The only flags that should be flown at any government building would be the USA and state flags. And That goes for schools as well. Not pride, blm, or any others. You do not unite us when government is allowed to pick and choose winners/losers. When certain groups are given special treatment, all it does is to divide us.
    As to the quote “trans”, these people are in need of mental help as no one has the power to change their biological sex. They need real physiological help, not surgical mutilation. And they do not need to have a government sanction day,
    Speak up and out against the insanity.

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