04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

josh allen bills locker room week 1 empty fresh prince
body not temple decaying cabin woods terrifying past
living with dog following around potty mouth
perfectionist 89 degree angle
cat sick vacuuming rug color match fur
brighteyes planet of the apes started with electric vehicles and eating bugs
biden just created new jobs in baltimore jack
museum trex trannysaurus rex fired
last day at work karen manager no consequences
how know website lying ends dot gov
liberal communist increases lowers prices market fix
airplane sweat hollywood music industry after diddler raid
us government bans tiktok spying americans re authorizes patriot act
white house transgender day coherent leadership visibility day
where see yourself 5 years fighting terminators

Communist Regimes Never Run Out of Things to Tax

canada toronto taxing rainfall

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

fb nurse meme iv in charge of cocktails bloody mary
hp printer hasnt worked month troubleshooting disabled debit card radicalized
x aoc musk dont know difference legal illegal immigrants
x tiktok ban resume followers kardashian 15 second dance
message audiences hate bad writing not strong women
quote christoff people trusted science learned faked wrong
message lisa simpson nwo not coincidence guns free speech one world government

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One thought on “04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The HP printer meme? I finally took mine into the yard and hacked it into pieces with an axe. EFF that thing and the entire company behind it. It never worked properly, would constantly be “off-line”, couldn’t connect, and print cartridges lasted all of 0.03 milliseconds before going dry. When I bought it, they insisted on signing up for the paper and ink thing where they’d remotely monitor use and send ink thru the mail when it ran low. I have no idea how much I spent versus how much I actually printed, but I know when I cancelled the card I was never able to print again.

    I find an axe to be VERY satisfying.

    Went out and bought a Cannon. That thing works. Connects easily. Prints just fine.

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