04-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when dark twisted brighten day joker rainbow
ill moon you for 1 dollar no eclipse glasses needed
naming products anything cheese tiddies
not permitted hot tub swallowed baseball xbox controller
japanese game developers big boobs western journalists
government meddling maze free market high prices
barber liberal woman offended by everything
democrats drink mainstream media cnn msnbc abc cbs or part of trump cult
liberal called you racist bane gives power over me
milei college students bernie taxes rent goes up
ufc beatings 500 dollar tickets new york city cheap
usa buttigieg ev charger bet gas fueled use phone connected to wall
white house dog bite secret service agents get away demented grifter biden shrink

Flashback Reminder

malone scientists agree censored now

We should never forget what they did with Covid because they’re doing the exact thing with so-called climate change. Scientists have their research defunded and careers destroyed if they dare speak opposite of the climate alarmism. It’s a political con, created to enhance government power, blackmail corporations, and generate new revenue. Big Tech has banned, delisted, and buried alternative voices. I’m not a scientist, but if you ban any alternative voices, I will NEVER NEVER NEVER believe the official talking points. Neither should you.

climate change tshirt globalist trojan horse
message office whiteboard hayek emergencies individual liberties climate change
biden whatever question answer racism white supremacy covid climate change
brazil block the accounts x musk no

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x us bombs syria yemen iraq now ukraine media tells you
tweet expensive salad drink thanks reasonable normal
x gervais right winger feelings overruling facts vegetarian
x social media taught us jokes surprisingly confusing population
x massie political scientist dont know how inflation adjust temperature of planet
message lisa simpson government controls social media feed programming you
message dont blindly accpet what media experts i say trust yourself intuition

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