04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sometimes stay hom going outside cost 300 baby yoda
streaming costs more cable still watching commercials
im approaching best if used by date
run cat dmc walk this way started witha little hiss like this
telling me government knows amount taxes owed wont tell you
fido doghouse never dreamt million dollar home for sale
lotr kids trying learn science math purple haired teacher
someone thinks tell me what post must be new
boosters parachute didnt work first 3 times try 4th
endless wa military intervention pothole treasury cant bear it
border is secure air quotes dr evil mayorkas
biden must arm isis taliban azov disarm americans
bernie sanders financial institution too big fail exist ron paul federal reserve
men check out car women purse hollywood trans kid
your border overrun lawmakers ukraine flags aid

Flashback Reminder

Remember when Trump asked for about 2 percent of what we’ve spent in Ukraine for a border wall, or about .07% of our current federal budget?

pelosi border wall luxury cant afford

Complete Betrayal by a Corrupt, Blackmailed POS

democrats mike johnson speaker leash kid

When the RINO wing of the party unanimously voted for the guy, it should have been our first clue.

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x lieu house passed aid to ukraine america is back
x customer is always right matters of taste cater worst kind of people
x normalize not confusing free time with availability
x hermit crab shells better housing market than us
quote truth no defense fool determined to believe lie
message incontrovertible facts epstein clients government compromised

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One thought on “04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The people will have the right to elect their representatives from a list of candidates [who have been approved by the Party].

    Leon Trotsky

    I guess as long as we get the cast of vote, we’re free!

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