05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kentucky derby amish nascar
dog just bark at everything nike nothing there
yo mama jokes old dumb done 100 times just like
hope one weeks unleash flying monkeys i will
sarcasm like you comfortable teasing dislike figure out
biden msm winning cnn msnbc cbs abc laughing propaganda lying
hr add anything diversity workshop get real cool bunch of stuff quickly
losing faith in society old lady giving up seat pregnant man beard
chinese citizens vpn twitter facebook us tiktok
news not verified trump ate biden uncle bosie
advice to left cant make memes because you are the memes
young people identifying as gender season make it stop office

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

spencer rattler actor play patrick mahomes movie swift kelce
x why all the ugly girls same country flag
x woke left commune first thing border security
x congress gave speech control international cabal matt walsh
x year 2040 thinking outlawed they them cricket paste ration
quote lucille ball man guesses womans age correctly smart not very bright
message rock bottom solid foundation rebuilt my life

Random Thoughts of the Day

* Protests don’t just sponteneously erupt. You need someone to organize, advertise, and (usually) finance them. The last time we had large-scale, destructive protests in America was 2020. Can anyone think what the years 2020 and 2024 have in common? 🤔 In 2020, Soros and others manufactured protests & rioting to create the feeling the Trump presidency was out of control, right before elections. This time, it’s to bolster their crackdown on free speech. Since perpetrators are leftists, and they’re attacking Israel, these latest protests are designed to boost efforts for RINOs to join the Democrats in passing anti-free speech legislation. Don’t fall for it! The so-called “anti-semitism” legislation is nothing more than a way to give the Ruling Class more power to silence dissenting voices.

* When discussing inflation, I’d say 99 percent of the time financial channel talks involves the Fed and interest rates, as if they’re the ONLY things that impact prices. 🙄 Almost zero time is given to out-of-control government spending, but if it is discussed, it’s to show that’s definitely not the problem. 👌 Also, I can’t remember the last time there was any discussion of the two top components of prices: labor and energy. Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen, and the rest of the Ruling Class hacks give no discussion to a tax/benefit system that incentives NOT working, which suppresses labor supply and drives up prices. No discussion is given to a Biden administration that has done everything it can to suppress fossil fuel development and shift America to expensive, inefficient alternative energy. It doesn’t take an economic genius to connect the dots on inflation. The fact these people have multiple economic degrees and have spent their lives in finance proves to me their policies are not incompetence, they’re intentional.

* Biden continues to ignore the Constitution and Supreme Court with his income redistributive student loan handouts, the latest of which was $6.1 billion for Art Institute alumni. Nothing is free! Every student loan bailout dollar = more taxes and/or inflation. All you factory workers, waiters, plumbers, construction workers, nurses, etc…it’s so nice of you to finance Biden’s vote buying!

* Did you ever notice the so-called Patriot Front and other “right-wing” protest groups all seem to have one thing in common….they’re young, muscular men, all in great shape? Observe the average person in a mall, a Walmart, a restaurant, or even a health club. What percentage of the people you see are in rock solid physical condition? Yep, sure, these right-wing groups definitely aren’t feds or hired Soros goons. 👌

* I cannot roll my eyes enough that politicians and media commentators can say with a straight face the recent Trump court cases aren’t politically motivated. I know these people make their living by mindlessly pushing arguments for “their side,” but they should know by now these kind of BS statements only destroy every ounce of their credibility. There’s a reason people like Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan are so popular, and it’s mainly because they will call out stupid & immmoral behavior on both the Left and Right.

* I know it’s disheartening to know neither of the two major parties is fighting for you, and I’m not naive enough to think voting is going to change things, especially with the primaries over, but I consider it my mission to minimize the damage done by government. That means pushing for term limits and election integrity controls. It means voting out sellout RINOs like Mike Johnson, as well as electing disrupters like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie. It means voting for local politicians who will flip the bird to federal tyrants, like we saw during the Covid plandemic. And if you can’t vote out these POS politicians, do the next best thing–make their lives hell! Bombard their offices with letters and phone calls. Flood their websites and social media with comments. Boo them loudly at every speech and rally. And most importantly, relentlessly mock them every chance you get!!!

patriot front member arrested fbi megaphone
democrats republicans soda machine uncontrolled spending
tweet erik burger king popeyes chicken sandwich war analogy american political parties
x vivek first amendment anti semitic free speech outlaw
x mike johnson motion to vacate next week
not now dad cyberbullying totalitarian politicians social media
quote sun tzu art war meme until they cry

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