05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat seat filler training this whole life
siri kept calling me shirley left phone airplane mode
dog cat jenga not knock over stupid
kool aid man reverse vampire own blood therapist diagrams
youre hiding disinformation inside your head
politicians railroad track throw switch cant fundraise anymore threat
leia jabba bikini strangling feminist with chain
bearded trans crystal making her uncomfortable girls
nickel boeing whistleblower died suddenly 2 nickels not a lot but twice
war on drugs more drugs terror terrorists next year war on money jobs
police tax dollars protesters also
office space debt worst every day shrink
mounted vegan wall butcher shop deer
family guy boeing whistleblower just want to talk to him
boeing hires new consultant hillary
babylon bee democrats demand billions ucla protest border security
mark hamill skywalker jedi feel that rey joe biden neck

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x ok facial recognition dont recogize my face either
x men stronger than women need armor bikini
x government played hate speech laws spying banning social media
message nobody talks forgiving trade school debt learned useful skill pay own way
quote eli manning roast tom brady 3rd time
quote frederick douglass mans rights ballot jury box cartridge box 3

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4 thoughts on “05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The trade school memes hit home with me. I graduated from a 2 year trade school for commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. I make a pretty good living at $100k per year. It’s not as important as a gender studies degree but I feel pretty good when I fix refrigeration at supermarkets so your food doesn’t spoil. I feel pretty good when I fix air conditioning for a large server room that would otherwise crash from the heat they generate. I feel good when I’m on the roof of a commercial building in subzero conditions fixing your heat so you don’t die from hypothermia. Or when I’m on the roof in the summer fixing your AC in sweltering conditions so your candy ass doesn’t melt. It’s a thankless profession, but most of us don’t need your praise. Many times I go home in pain from rough days. When I hear about how I have to pay for someone’s worthless degree it’s really nothing short of shitting on my face.

  2. Paying for some student debt is so unfair. How about the people who wanted to study but didn’t wanted to have that debt…I think lately they forgave the debt for an Art institute. Really ? I wanted to study art but I kind of realized is pointless plus I’m not Michelangelo either. I wonder when we are starting to protest for a good reason. But unfortunately people who need to go to protests are working and don’t have time off from work to do this activity. But the lazy, young and weird ones have all the time in the world to protest for all the crazy stuff…But goodnews are coming withthe inflation…when people will starve they will protest.

  3. I wish people with money to start organizing these ‘good reasons ‘ protests. I will go, but unfortunately people who has money are comfortable where they are. Plus Americans where taught good maners to mind their own business but it’s backfire us now because all the stupid or crazy ones I taking control. I think Soros is always funding some protests. Where are the others? I’m so upset by just watching all this stuff that happens in the world. I wish I had the power and money to do something.

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