05-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

couples in the 90s seemed happier buffalo bill silence lambs
spoiled brats fancy cheerios kid flavor paper old muppets
cats being fed 6am 7 begging starving
texts youre cute catch healthy attitude woman
babylon bee biden asks federal reserve print more approval points
government tyranny property rights peaceful exchange civil liberties stairs
teacher phone kids finally listening
prepared total economic collapse plenty memes saved
american exchange student minigun battle of hogworts
after taking one basic economics course thomas sowell over karl marx
what people think dr evil looks like actual dr fauci
butker nfl belittling women also cheerleaders

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x staying to yourself not bothering bothers people
x want less aware mental health campaign for that
x baseball national league pitcher automatic out pretend like it
x stop calling public schools government regulated run
x fbi caught everyone jan 6th except pipe bomber gallows erector pipe bomber
message imagine so insecure mad motherhood good respected wife credit for all
quote sowell intellectuals give poverty handicap victimhood
message government more take away less to lose

Never Forget – This Monster MUST Pay

Very few can claim the title of mass murder in multiple centuries if you also consider his actions during the AIDS crisis. The ultimate example of a true sociopath, Fauci deserves nothing short of Nuremberg-type trials.

Link: https://x.com/wideawake_media/status/1792843049313182107

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