05-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe burrow prime anakin skywalker
ben affleck dad picture last decade
transportation dangerous criminal cat box
never waste money dumb stuff again duck boat
sign speed limit meant to mock your plight driving traffic
minimum wage 100 dollars people still loving poverty
democrats out of control spending republicans blocking nothing
conservative playbook defend loberals wanted 10 years ago
angry liberal shouldnt be proud ancestors accomplishments shame
view myself fonzie kids old winkler
ron paul inflation dollar whats happeneing world wtf told you
romeo juliet 1597 2024
babylon bee feminists warn girls marrying rich football stars needs praise them

Why is Western Civilization Deteriorating? 🤔

headline most qualified person get job microaggression

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x men cant decide what is sexist cant have opinion on gender positive term for this
x mcdonalds cheeseburger fries ice cream emoji busted
x love joining class action suit years later 26 dollars
x grocery prices so high forced eat food home I bought
fb amc cultural stereotypes content warning goodfellas soft
x trump tyrant elected zelensky martial law 100 billion
quote maimntain freedom give up increasing number things
message every bit chaos created on purpose nonsensical begging for their order

It’s Not F*cking “Loan Forgiveness”

headline biden student loan forgiveness

Attention, media lapdogs — It’s NOT “loan forgiveness!” This is shifting loan costs to the national debt, pure and simple. It’s income redistribution, taking money away from some college graduates, who are likely to earn higher income, to people who will never go to college or who already paid off their debt. Biden is not some magician who is suddenly making debt costs disappear with fairy dust. Stop pretending this is anything except transparent vote-buying of a demographic he desperarately needs to to sway. After all, the vote has to be close enough that he can steal another election.

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