05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dumb dumber newsfeed my memes every morning
robert pattinson batman set 2020 me life 2024
butthead mentally preparing leave house deal with bungholes out there
plug usb stick 2000 dollar macbook 99 converter apple
blm antifa protesters oppressors not megacorp government citizens
bbc program white heterosexual couple disturbing
change washington from inside me take off nuke entire site from orbit
vampires today sparkles kiefer lost boys fcking kidding me
trump broke robert deniro stage 4 tds
babylon bee biden spontaneous question answer on notecard
deniro biden old demented reality him too

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x eat off plate establish dominance leave bill consequences
x wife achieved goal annoying husband twice as much
x 91 degrees outside put natural deodorant down
x students bill nye vote recess american elections vote
x judge merchans trump trial whose line is it anyway
quote greenpeace founder moore climate change hysteria
message lisa simpson lectured bigotry take away travel work medical care government covid

Selfish Libertarians

worst charities america soliciting costs cash aid recipients

Every once in a while I see graphics like the one above. I’m not sure how accurate they are or what to believe, but there’s no doubt a certain percentage of money you give to charity must be used for overhead and donation solicitation. It’s frustrating to see such small amounts go to the intended recipients. Consider the percentages can be so low even with nonprofits made up of staff who have nothing but noble motives. At least donations are voluntary, and the charities usually have some controls in place to avoid recipient abuse and fraud. Now consider what liberals believe is the greatest “charity” of all — government. Health care, universal income, food stamps, college, electric vehicles— there is no limit to what leftists believe government can provide. Siphoning off money from the productive workers & investors is necessary to provide these “free” benefits. You’re heartless and selfish if you think otherwise! 🙄

What percentage of this stolen tax money actually reaches recipients in need? Even in the impossible scenario of maximum efficiency, do you think politicians all have noble motives? Do you think there is any corruption, campaign contributor kickbacks, or fraud? Do you think there’s a segment of the population who abuses this welfare system? I think we all know the answers.

Almost all Americans want to help those in need. The biggest impediment is actually having the money to do so. Just imagine if we had all the cash we flush annually in federal, state, local, property, sales, and other taxes. But in addition to getting all that money back from the leeches, what if we could cut out the expensive, incredibly inefficient middle man. We could give directly to those really in need. Does that sound selfish to you?

babylon bee mayor pete buttigieg government ev charger one pack aa batteries
ineptocracy least capable elected non producing rewarded confiscated wealth

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3 thoughts on “05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Speaking of charities.

    The US Postal Service collects for research on various medical problems. My wife buys “Breast Cancer” stamps by the sheet. There’s a small premium that is the ‘donation’. There is no “cents” number on the stamps, so they are still usable even after a rate increase.

    Another unusual ‘charity’. If you have long hair or know someone who does: if it’s going to be cut short – at least 10″ cut off – check out “Locks of Love”. Used to make hair pieces for bald children undergoing treatment. The cost to the donor: postage.

  2. I’m right there with you on charities – if they got enough money to fill my mailbox 4 or 5 times a week with letters begging for money, then they have enough money to go out there and help people (or whatever their cause is). And the minute you give to one, all of a sudden all the others somehow “know” about it. I gave once to some blah blah American blah Cancer blah blah (in memorial to someone). A dozen different outfits, all with American and Cancer in their name in some randomly different combination all started mailing me daily asking for more donations. How is it there are at least a dozen similar cancer charities, all with similarly confusing names, that instantly know I gave money to one of them? It’s all a scam.

  3. Tithing at church, to help those truly in need, has been replaced by government taxation to those deemed “the needy” by lobbyists.

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