6 thoughts on “America’s Latest Soviet-Style Show Trial

  1. The trump “trial” was a witch hunt, pure and obviously the judge and jury have been bought out by the Democrats. I am quite disappointed but not surprised..

    • Can Trump run for President if they put him in jail? That is the Democrats’ intent: to keep Trump from running for re-election. I hope that Americans will protest against this tyranny. We live in an era of wokeness , delusion and pure evil intent. Wake up, people!

  2. Banana democracy. Tell me again who wants to stay in power, disregard the rule of law and the constitution? Who rule by fiat, executive orders and banning things that we, the people are guaranteed by the bill rights, which is suppose to limit the power of government. The party who will fight tooth and nail, dirty as sh**, locking up,cancelling all that don’t toe the line. How any reasonable and sane person could ever vote for the dems (demonrats) is beyond the pale. The party of slavery,Jim Crow, segregation, fought against voting rights and civil rights and to this day still think black and brown people are too stupid to got an ID to vote, much less be able to take one day to go to the poles in person and show that ID to vote.
    My only hope is that President Donald J Trump can over come all the mass cheating and other shenanigans to win and then go after all these democrats starting with hillary and ending with old joe.

    • If you believe any of that, you haven’t been paying proper attention. In how many speeches has Trump praised the Clintons? They go way back & are old friends. Trump is part of the swamp, a psyop, designed to manufacture your consent for policies you’d normally reject (kinda like Nixon did back in the day). They do the same shit on the other side to their base. Look at Biden & Obomber, pretty much the same old NEOCON BS since Reagan. VoTe HaRdEr

  3. Should have been polls and not poles–it’s what you get when you type too fast and don’t proof read it.

  4. This whole thing is a spectacle meant to distract you while the electronic prison doors finish slamming shut around you.

    They gonna have the secret service go into prison with him too? This script is worse than Russiagate (distraction) & “covid” (distraction from collapsing economy in 2019). VOTE HARDER LMFAO

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