06-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

guru i dont know giving people advice case ruin their lives
fingers approval 1 ring love pink promises middle finger bird
lost weight cant afford keep overeating health grocery prices
goth son going through phase preppy
what is dollar backed by empty box sponge bob
republicans democrats calling themselves libertarians actual reynolds
babylon bee southern poverty law center anyone without pride shirt hate group
fbi trump arrested protest capitol
cashier checks money fake all monopoly
beavis butthead mtv played music videos tv shows
oregon governor academic standards princess bride word means
sing fauci should rot in prison
white girls voting husband tells you to taylor swift
deniro trump end government dont give me hope

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x throwback kid didnt complain food ultrasound
x congressional democrats mad alito washington flag ukraine
x produce guy try grape set store fire
x if government wont protect vote border constitution why have one
message if feel dumb follow arrow grocery safer
quote ron paul debating spending whether agencies exist at all

Flashback for Fellow Libertarians Who Are Thinking About Voting Third Party

x chase oliver rejects ron paul libertarian
libertarians checking out trump

All They’re Doing Is Making Him More Popular

Link: https://x.com/MAGAIncWarRoom/status/1796188943743889572

I maintain that 90+ percent of Trump’s popularity is based on hatred of the forces lined up against him: Establishment politicians of both major parties, mainstream media, Big Tech Thought Police, Hollywood, unelected government bureaucrats, snooty liberal college professors, and a corrupt justice system that routinely ignores the Constitution, common sense, and basic civil rights.

x biden trump threatening democracy elections judicial system supreme court blocked me
x people walking free fauci birx bush obama epstein clients biden hillary bill clinton
babylon bee kangaroos ask not compared us justice system
trump take court seriously merchan mooning

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