06-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

doing this weekend enjoying my rent
big dogs friends small dogs vicious
southern woman what did you say about to meet jesus
government meddling free market maze why so expensive
how lucky are you lotto numbers one away
government calculating how mich can spend 4416 white board adding
dont steal memes pass around like your mom
watching world fall apart couldnt tell mentall ill communists shut the fck up
where tax dollars go crosswalk rainbow atlanta
atf fbi me explaining constitutional right own surface to air missile launcher
garbage truck 1940 2024 cnbc
free market healthcare system pain payment government
what the next lockdown should look like fauci jail
x star wars acolyte space witches force pregnant fans

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x titanic rich white women peasant sink ocean return bourgeois life
x played wedding daughter flower girl leftover cake basket mine
x how many burn cd old record radio cassette old
x bell curve left right far right taxes speech science freedom
x ukraine zelensky democracy elections enemies
x clown world fatigue tired boss propaganda lying so many times
quote caitlin clark olympic team woke a monster coach christie
message everyone wants liked accepted except me dont give sht

Gaslighting Statement of the Year

cnbc janet yellen us debt load reasonable place

It really is becoming a competition to see what Biden Administration official can make the dumbest statement, but we may have a new leader. 🙄 This is coming from the person at the highest economic post of our federal government.

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2 thoughts on “06-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Yes, let the water system in Atlanta fall apart, but they have to spend big bucks painting the crosswalks for the sexually confused. Such priorities!
    Why is our government so fixated on these people. No one person or group should have any special rights/recognition. Their flags, nor any other, should ever be flown or displayed on public buildings/property. The only flags should be the USA and State flags and that’s it.
    Time to say not just no, but hell no to these groups that demand not only tolerance, but adulation for their choices.

    • With respect, I disagree (somewhat) with your opinion of only the US & State flags being flown. There is one group that should be held in higher regard than the others and should be recognized: those that are POW or MIA. Anyone who was a prisoner of war or is still missing in action paid the highest of prices to keep the US & State flags flying freely, so they should be represented by allowing the POW/MIA flag to be flown under the US & State flags.

      Outside of this one difference, I agree with everything else you stated.

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