06-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dog stick rock roadkill cat gourmet salmon let you know
first 5 days after weekend are the hardest
friends reduce employee workload menatl health webinar joey phoebe
yard sales working for 50 cents an hour
therapist tells me making jokes wont heal trauma smudge
explaining no bailouts in capitalism fake capitalists crying in baseball hanks
truck height appears exceeded allowable freedom
circle hard time weak good memes
drivers license expire not jug milk you parasites
grand theft data zuckerberg facebook auto
fauci pfizer tramp stamp
john lennon working class communist millionaire no possessions maid
trump unhinged revenge office salem burning at stake

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x winter goals meaning life change careers summer look hot
x want physical menu not qr code bs
x kids cursing mom 13 14 couldnt say okay
x paint pride flag us mexico border arrest walking over
quote sowell people upset half make less than median income defined
quote hoen compulsive liars shouldnt frighten you no one listens believers enablers

The Franchise Destruction is Complete

x luke lightsaber star wars fans acolyte episode 3

By now almost all of us, even most liberals, are sick of LGBTQ storylines being bombarded into EVERY new movie & series, regardless of whether or not it makes sense in the main plotline. It’s never about entertaining anymore, nor providing an escape from the divisive real world. It’s nonstop in-your-face, preachy, woke ideology. Nothing else is allowed in the mainstream entertainment world. I recently watched a Hulu series based on a true story of a murder, named Under the Bridge. In the beginning of the series, a message told us it was based on true events, but certain events were fictionalized. I looked into it a little, and the main story was essentially true. However, the reporter protaganist and arresting cop were both lesbians in the show having an on-screen affair. It had NOTHING ZERO NADA to do with the murder storyline. This is essentially the formula for EVERY streaming series nowadays.

I have yet to meet a single conservative or libertarian in real life who gives a shit what sexuality a person has, but there are other aspects of life! It’s all so tedious and redundant. Give it a fucking rest already!!!

This brings me to the latest Star Wars dumpster fire production, The Acolyte. Growing up, I LOVED the Star Wars universe. The movies were just the tip of the iceberg. I read dozens of the hundreds of Star Wars books. What made the books so great was that, in addition to being generally entertaining, they all fit nicely into the universe George Lucas created. Every book was a little piece that completed the picture of the battle between good and evil portrayed in the movies. Even though Lucas wrote hardly any of the books, he made sure they were consistent and made sense in relation of everything else in his fictional universe, most of which was intended to parallel world history and the psychological battles we all face in life.

Then, Disney came along and said, “Fuck everything in those six classic movies and hundreds of beloved books!” Toss everything in the dumpster. Let’s just invent our own universe and own rules. Let’s create a completely new vision of Jedi, Sith, and The Force. We don’t need to even look into any of the previously-made movies or books. Let’s just create our own new woke crap and slap a “Star Wars” label on it. The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker were not just the two worst movies in the franchise. They were two of the worst movies I’ve seen-period! I wouldn’t even be bothered by much of the feminizing & LGBTQ-ing of the characters if they actually stuck remotely to Lucas’s Star Wars universe. The only Disney creations I liked–Rogue One and Mandalorian–kept to the storyline and didn’t bombard us with woke ideology.

Yet, Disney has made the decision to ignore the success of those shows and flip the bird to the remaining fan base. I cringe when I read of their plans for the next movie trilogy. It seems they’ve purged the entire Star Wars division of all writers, directors, and producers who aren’t “acolytes.” That is, acolytes of the religion of woke ideology.

disney reboot star wars luke i am your mother
disney star wars celebrate burning cash

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3 thoughts on “06-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. We’re still talking about Star Wars? George Lucas sold it to “the white slavers,” and they (Das Maus Reich) turned it over to cultural vandals dead set on using it as a hill on which to fly their freak flag while thumbing their noses at its largely male audience. Star Wars is dead. Until and unless someone else buys the franchise and does to the Disney version what Disney did to the Extended Universe, it’s never going to come back. Never. =9[.]9=

  2. Just a reminder. Star Wars is still in the realm of the consumer. You still have a choice. Assuming no tax dollars were STOLEN to prop up this propaganda series, YOU have the ability to ensure that NONE of your money goes to them. THAT is why they seek to make EVERYTHING POLITICAL and under the influence of politicians they can own and control, rather than the consumer they must win over. Your VOTE at the ballot box means NOTHING. Your vote with your dollars means everything. NEVER support POLITICAL solutions. ALWAYS support MARKET solutions.

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