06-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spotify know how to shuffle music seinfeld dont think you do
yell not friendly people approach learned from dog
song therapist urge harm those dont pay attention
cat journal motivated big changes in my life
learn group projects pie chart do own hate people
cupid arrows boy girl bench phones
breaking bad congress legislation worst exempting themselves
began life as dog gender ideology cow
biden sleepy kamala harris dopey democrat voters grumpy
genie wish fix government done gun lawyer dont finish joke
5 extra mayonnaise sandwich sex mayo
jane fond endorsing biden harris vietnam not first time communists
george clooney julia roberts biden weekend at bernies
jaws democrats see poll numbers need more dead voters
firearms dealers sell guns by mail no photo id signature voting
americans fix roads with taxes paid government best can do making gay
columbo one more question if cheap fakes show us the real video

New Meme Gallery Added

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 8

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x detective shows witnesses never remember just heard name
x phillies fan british blew 13 colony lead 4th of july
x fake insurrection rioters pose for cameras
x evil forces turn against neighbor win by not playing zuby
quote colby us cia owns everyone significance media
message far right calling reality right so far

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