06-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid book what plug into your mind
laptops apple took from us usb drives microphone
kids bored summer break no end problems face
sign make burgers wider not taller
me playing games work boss enemy team
british mocking president quarter world empire michigan island laughs in american
communist loot store insured shoot kneecaps health
babylon bee 12 women kinzinger sexually assaulted trump vp
if government was person worked 60 hours wheres my cut
atf property transformed into dog parks lisa simpson
michele buggin russia me watching own shady government
trump biden debate prep drugs tapper insults diet coke
cant impose morality school 10 commandments lgbtq blm roe
nigel farage dangerous ukraine war propaganda mainstream media
jussie smollett cheap face czar biden
assange shawshank what are you in for sharing the truth

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x wife establish dominance husband gilmore girls husbands profile netflix
x one minute young free medication theme song
x you spouse debt overspending meet spend more congress
quote ayn rand stage ultimate inversion government free do anything ask permission

Homework Assignment

I’m not sure why Trump agrees to moderators like the corrupt, inhuman scum of CNN. This is where his ego and confidence can be liabilities. Your assignment for the next two days is to flood social media with reminders of who these people are so the half of the country shielded from reality can be clued in. I’ll start:

x jake tapper comparing trump to german dictator cnn
dana bash headline one of 51 intelligent agents
why bully politicians journalists twitter fck them thats why

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One thought on “06-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Re: Trump’s attendance at the CNN debate, or scripted cage match if you will

    I am wondering if the bias is expected to be so obvious that even CNN’s few viewers may change the channel. Not many left afterall. Otherwise, the Trump fans will likely tune in to the show to watch the fireworks and boost CNN’s ratings far above their normal viewership. Dichotomy.

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