06-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat phone need password human bald servant
cop married anything say used against you
cow coffee bar thank you not tipping
showing uninitiated newbie governments done through history
watching page for new meme to steal clown
far side hanks high powered rifles unoccupied buildings
if nsa capacity spy every us citizen why ped not dropped off prisons
trans 10 commandments inappropriate lacking redeeming values
is 4 a lot context ar-15s number times threatened own citizens f-15s
usa im land of the free sure america grandma lets get you to bed
sign fauci killing us 40 years old message same
babylon bee biden invents new language live tv
xi putin kim un china russia north korea phone calls biden debate

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x biden behind closed doors cantebury tales string theory 6 languages
x debate blessing showing deep state government exists not biden
x best way to watch presidential debate read memes the next day
x making if you even care my professional email signature
x people think intellectually superior repeating authority told them taught
x politicians violate others rights for good reason you too scam
quote assange cia fbi epstein client list blackmail material
message hustle align destroy have to be working constantly rest recover

Fun Flashback from The Party

Link: https://x.com/theblaze/status/1765450853085843795

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2 thoughts on “06-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. That one of the key reasons I’m not liberal. Liberalism is basically the desire to use government to control other people, to force them to obey.

    But the liberal doesn’t realize, once the government has that power, they use it on everyone, including liberals.

    And in the end, a small group of people control the government, and dictate to everyone else, including liberals.

    Liberals are often well-meaning, the Bill Mayer types … they just don’t understand that collecting power draws sociopaths and ends in mass slavery.

  2. The concept of authority, in the context of other fallible humans being able to rule over you, is a mass delusion. The sooner we grow up, take responsibility for our own lives & starve/ignore these parasitic psychopaths, the better off humanity will be. See Larken Rose for a far better take than fake libertarianism or false left/right dichotomies. If limited government actually worked, why did it allow the largest tyranny/empire (current USSA) in history to come into being?

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