06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

everyone bring yoga pants yoda
office jobs hot today famers
woman boyfriend talk to only solutions
cat wine hear about day hipaa confidentiality
legos kids educational tiamens square tank
passing not communist not equal lift up brought down
far left dog leash heel democrats
travis kelce pregnant taylor swift
trump start world war 3 blink biden auto registers males draft
pride month horn hawk tuah
how american government sees 18 year old when war buy handgun
democrat upside down flags after biden debate performance ukraine soviet
golfers cnn political analysts x memers more insight
angry lady cat smudge jill biden trump
anybody checked on robert deniro today

The Party Has Spoken 🙄

x newsweek undecided voters now support biden after debate

The mainstream media have gone so far past 1984 comparisons and Babylon Bee parody articles that it’s just pure entertainment. 🤣

x trump biden debate only 33 percent suffer tds


reminder biden wasnt elected installed like toilet

I estimate about a .01 percent chance Biden remains the Democrat nominee. The coordinated mainstream media campaign is a dead giveaway. Notice: the ONLY concern expressed is beating Trump in November. There is no concern over a clearly clueless, dementia-ridden man holding power over a nuclear arsenal and the world economy, no concern over who is really running things.

The Ruling Class is scrambling to find a new candidate 1) who can beat Trump, and 2) who they have complete control over like their current puppet.

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x deflect horrors reality dismissive humor
x let one family rental vacation hook up all devices wifi
x raccoon trash wendys wrapper eating healthy wife
x cities turn off ac ai no one asked for sucks up power girl
x romney national debt dahmer complaining dead people
quote sowell hate speech truth socially unacceptable
message never too late come senses walk away

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One thought on “06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The June debate was created to blame Biden for the destruction of the U.S.A., not just to remove him.

    Do you see it? Anyone complains about inflation, the border, anything … and they will point to Biden like it was his personal fault.

    This then will be used to clear the replacement, and all the Dems, of all wrongdoing.

    He was chosen to be a scapegoat. That might have been the plan all along.

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