Message on Norton & McAfee Popups

The WordPress software I use to host this website occasionally is hit with fake Norton/McAfee ads that pop up randomly. I’ve been adding plugins & virus blockers to help deal with the issue, but they’re largely out of my control. This was happening several months ago, but WordPress eventually got it fixed.

For now, you can usually get around the problem by clicking the Back arrow, by restarting your browser, or by opening the website in a new tab. If that doesn’t work, you can clear Cookies and Site data.

In Apple Safari, go to Settings | Advanced | Website Data and type politi in the search bar at the top to find, then swipe to delete.

safari website clearing data

In Chrome, you can right-click in the search bar by the website address as shown:

norton mcafee popups

Here are orther links that may help:
McAfee: How to Stop Fake MCafee Nofitications
Clear Apple Safari Cookies, Site Data
How to get rid of fake McAfee virus pop-ups
How to clear cookies in Safari on Mac

I apologize for the inconvenience. In testing, I came across the problem a few times, but it did no damage to my computer or data. It’s annoying, but harmless, and I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Thanks for continuing to follow the site!

9 thoughts on “Message on Norton & McAfee Popups

  1. I had the same problem.

    The issue is with 3rd party cookies.

    I switched browsers from DuckDuckgo to Brave.

    Brave by default blocks 3rd party cookies and any ad popups. Very easy to change settings.

  2. I delete my browsing history in Chrome daily to avoid this but a great reminder to folks who don’t know better.

  3. Well, it is very frustrating and frankly not worth the time to close out the page just because some fool wants to send unwanted pop-ups. Even though I enjoy your memes and forward many of them. If this annoying crap keeps happening, I will look elsewhere for the memes.

  4. I suggest you find another software program that does not provide these unwanted popups. It appears that The Word Press has a flow that they can’t remove, or refuse to. They are not only very annoying, but they center on harassment. And I’ve done everything suggested to stop them on my computer short of removing your page, which is very close to the next step. I am tired of reading through the day’s memes without reloading the page five or six times.

    • Glenn, sorry about that. The problem seems to be with 3rd party cookies. If you can find a way to delete them, you should be fine. You could also try a different browser. Unfortunately, replacing all the WordPress software would necessitate a rebuild of the site and would take months.

  5. I read that you plan on selling or retiring the site in 2025. Do you have any suggestions on similar sites that might be of interest? I’ve enjoyed this site for a couple of years.

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