07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

meanwhile in florida air conditioner beach generator
printer that simply worked and other fairy tales book
why cant catch frisbees other dogs pull rifle
baseball movie mount rushmore wild thing killing me smalls geena davis sheen
dont both playing therapist tell you whats wrong with me for free
thanks uncle sam independence day biden crime inflation border marxist
government USA begging 35 trillion debt spend it on wars
shock presidents condition media reflect lisa simpson
soda stack flag independence day soldier one job nailed it
cant support school choice destroy public school system know
usa founders watching us not revolt against oppressive government
biden harris campaign lets finish the job statue of liberty planet of apes
babylon bee liberals run in terror pride flags replaced with american

Plandemic Flashback

message biden 4th july special 1776 fed up government telling us how to live our lives

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x throwback thursday lets go brandon media nbc
x screw it special occasion every time dessert
1776 extremeist document destructive government declaration of independence
quote ver government victimless crime victim agent
message resistance to tyranny consequences so does submission choose

If You’re Getting McAfee/Norton Popups on This Website

Removing Norton & McAfee Popups

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