4 thoughts on “What are the Pros and Cons of Building a Mexican Border Wall?

  1. Why not just try to buy Mexico and it’s surrounding areas? I mean wouldn’t that be easier? Then as American citizens we could go in and work on cleaning up all the drugs and all the illegal activities going on over there.

  2. Angela. This is a good question.

    First Mexico isn’t for sale because she is a sovereign country. Even if he was the caravan’s now illustrate very clearly illegal emigrants don’t come only from Mexico!
    If the USA could “Buy” its way out of this problem it would have to purchase major parts of South America!
    If America did this we
    would be accused of creating an empire and trying to be the World Policemen.
    America perhaps could have bought Mexico from Spain like they did after the Louis and Clark expedition in I think 1804. We bought a lot of frontier territory for a song! It was called the Louisiana purchase from France back in the day! Colonists also bought the island of Manhattan from the local indian tribes for $25 worth of beads which could be considered a major real estate swindle like taking candy from a baby.
    That was before the UN. Today such action might result in an international tribunal and a criminal trial against the seller country.It might even be debatable as to whether or not the local tribe had deed to the property and if they didn’t they wouldn’t have authority to sell. Perhaps they were occupying a previous tribes land. It could get really mirky perhaps the USA would bee accused of trying to exploit the current impoverished Mexican population! Besides we just sent $10.6 billion to Mexico and the caravan countries and when illegals work in America they send billions of dollars back home and it’s an ongoing Monetary stream! Would you sell your property to someone for a fixed amount if you could make tons more from the same party and keep your land?

  3. Do you think it’s okay to raise the wall on the Canadian side too, for the sake of balance? At least a couple of planks.

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