What Are the Pros and Cons of Legalized Prostitution?

Pros – Arguments For Legalizing Prostitution

  1. Sex trafficking of underage or foreign-born girls will be greatly reduced.
  2. It will take away large amounts of revenue going to pimps and organized crime.
  3. The sex trade can be regulated to settle disputes, prevent associated violence, and reduce the spread of disease.
  4. It will reduce the incidents of sexual violence.
  5. Individuals who aren’t blessed with high intelligence or marketable skills would have a way to earn money.
  6. Sex transactions could be taxed like cigarettes, marijuana, soda, and other vices to discourage use but raise revenue.
  7. It eliminates a non-taxed black market part of the economy; thus, income tax revenue could be collected.
  8. People who are unable to find a significant other would be able to find a legalized sexual release.
  9. Prostitution is less likely to be associated with drug use if it’s legalized.
  10. A free country should allow two consenting adults to do what they wish if it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
  11. Like other vices that people want, prostitution will always exist, so it’s better than it be managed and regulated by the government.
  12. Prostitution cases clogs the court system and uses resources better spent on violent crimes and terrorism.

Cons – Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution

  1. It harms the overall morality of society.
  2. It will likely lead to the breakup of marriages and overall distrust of partners.
  3. Sexually-transmitted diseases will likely rise and spread.
  4. Legalizing prostitution would further objectify women.
  5. Legalization will make the sex trade seem legitimate, with the stigma removed so that it is used far more than it would have been if still illegal.
  6. Work in the sex industry degrades a person’s self worth and human dignity.
  7. Individuals who may have went to college and developed marketable skills may instead take the easier path of earning money in prostitution.

Recommended Solution

  • Legalize prostitution at a national level, but allow individual states to limit, regulate, or ban.
  • Levy a national sales tax on sex transactions and allow states to tax further.

so youre telling me prostitution is illegal unless youre filming a video
legalized prostitution creates jobs boost economy reduce sexual assault ease male tension
says legalizing prostitution would ruin society unless you're paid in fancy dinners
if we can create highly regulated porn industry why cant we legalize prostitution

Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 12/08/2018

2 thoughts on “What Are the Pros and Cons of Legalized Prostitution?

  1. Excellent article and analysis. I have worked with hundreds of persons charged with sex offenses, including prostitution. The amount of resources used to catch violators is massive compared to the fines collected on these misdemeanor crimes. Most “Johns” are caught as part of a sting operation where a half-dozen officers spend two days planning, preparing, arresting, and booking suspects. Then add the cost of a district attorney and public defender (most cases) to prosecute these case, plus the court security cost, judge, clerks, deputies, resources used to maintain the courthouse, etc., and it adds up to thousands of dollars per arrest. In the end, the county receives about $700 in fines (depending on the county). Of course, the fact that something costs a lot to prosecute doesn’t means it should not be pursued. But when it comes to the cost-benefit analysis of the crime of prostitution it seems to me that it makes more sense to decriminalize prostitution. It’s happening anyway, in every strip bar, massage parlor, online, hotel escorts, and legitimate places in Canada, Mexico, Nevada, etc. Not to mention there is not difference between porn and prostitution other than the fact that there is a custodian of records in the porn industry (a person to collect taxes on the “performers” and who is charge with making sure the “performers” follow the rules (legal age, use of HIV tests, protection of records, etc.). It’s time to legally prostitution. Thanks for sharing the article. I found some other good stuff at the link below. Cheers. Dave.

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