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10 Steps to Get Friends & Family Off of Facebook/Twitter and On To MeWe, Parler, and other Alternative Social Media

Most of us are fed up with Twitter and Facebook for many reasons–censorship, loss of privacy, a bombardment of ads, and so much more. Millions have created alternative accounts on MeWe, Parler, and other alternative sites. However, usually those accounts remain unused while we continue to use the Big Tech sites we hate. Why? Because that is where all the action is, including most notably, posts from friends and family. So, how do we change that? This article describes some steps to get your friends & family switched over so you can leave the tech fascists for good. I’ll focus on MeWe, a nice alternative to Facebook, but feel free to select your own favorite and apply the same steps.

Reasons to Leave the Big Social Media Sites

  1. Constant Bombardment of Ads. It’s tough to see all your friends posts when your feed is clogged with an ad every other post.
  2. You Only See Small Subset of Friends & Family Posts. Ever wonder why you only seem to see posts from a small subset of your Facebook friends or Twitter Follows? It’s because they use complex algorithms to guess what you want, or what you should (in their opinion), be seeing.
  3. They Sell Your Data and Privacy. Do a product search on Amazon, Google, or Facebook and watch ads suddenly start appearing everywhere for that product. Tech overlords also make your personal data available to political groups and intelligence agencies that obviously may not have your best interests in mind.
  4. They Make You Vulnerable to Identity Theft and Hackers. Most people use some form of their personal information in their passwords (e.g. pet & children names, birthdates, etc.), so hackers have something to feed into algorithms. Also, since your picture and profile information iare publicly available, identity thieves usually have most of what they need to assume your persona.
  5. They Can Expose You to Stalkers and Other Threats to Personal Safety. Stalkers can learn your location, habits, children’s names, and so much more.
  6. They Censor, Hide, and “Fact” Check Your Posts. This is probably the biggest reason people want to switch. Big Tech censorship has reached Orwellian proportions. “Thought Police” doesn’t even begin to describe how bad it has become.

MeWe is a good alternative to Facebook as they have no ads or censorship, and they don’t sell or use your personal information. Check out their About page.

Steps to Switch Over Your Family & Friends Network

    1. Create an account on MeWe or one of the other social networking alternatives. Be sure to check out the About, Mission, or How It Works section.
    2. Add some pictures, fill out a profile, and make some posts. People won’t think your account is authentic if it’s too barren.
    3. Invite some close friends and relatives who you know are active on social media to join. Ask them to start posting a couple times per week.
    4. Create some generic posts in Facebook & Twitter describing your transition to MeWe, along with a link to your page. To find this in MeWe, click on your personal Profile, then copy the web address from your browser. Or look for “Share your personal link” on the Profile page. Ask people to send invites and start posting.
    5. Post daily to your MeWe page without overdoing it. Remember, you want people to see others’ posts without having to scroll through all yours.
    6. Allow some time for people to join and start posting before proceeding to the next step. You want some activity that new users will see when they join.
    7. Ask 3 close friends to create an account if they haven’t already, then post once per week, daily if possible. Ask each of those same 3 to each find 3 more of their own friends to create accounts and do a weekly post. In other words, the number of users should multiple in a pyramid pattern as each person finds 3 people.
    8. Continue to post and invite new members. Focus on people you know that are common contacts with people currently posting. In other words, you want new people to see that their other friends are posting so they keep coming back.
    9. Every few weeks, put up more generic posts on Facebook inviting people to join, post, and follow the 3-friend method of expansion. Post in Facebook groups for which you belong, which will increase exposure to people that may not be on your Friends list.
    10. Watch MeWe activity levels. If you see friends or relatives haven’t posted for a while, check up with them. Yes, it may seem like nagging them at first, but we want people to log on to alt sites in the same kind of addictive way they do now for Facebook or Twitter. Until they see lots of activity on the alt site, they’ll never truly make the transition.

It will definitely take some time and patience to bring your social network over to MeWe, but it will be worth it in the end. We know government is never going to hold the Big Tech monopolists accountable for their egregious behavior, and as long as their users keep logging on and posting with the same ferocity, they will never change their ways. Let’s hit them where it hurts and give them up forever! With a massively corrupt mainstream media that hides or distorts loads of information, it may be the only way to preserve 1st Amendment freedoms.

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Written by: Joe Messerli
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Last Modified: 12/09/2020

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