10 Positive Takeaways for Conservatives & Libertarians in Election 2020

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom going around in response to the election of Joe Biden. It definitely justified to be somewhat down in the dumps that the vicious, corrupt tactics of the Left & Ruling Class over the past four years are being rewarded. However, things are not as bad as they seems. Let’s consider the positives:

  1. Joe Biden is extremely unpopular, even among those who voted for him. He is one of the weakest candidates in history and will likely be one of the weakest presidents. Like James Buchanan and Jimmy Carter, it opens the door for a truly transformational, historically great leader to be elected in 2024. To refresh your memory, Buchanan and Carter, both nearly always ranked at the bottom of all-time presidential rankings, immediate preceded Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, respectively.
  2. The mainstream media no longer has any incentive to blatantly deceive and scare the public about Covid-19. Maybe we can finally start sharing some accurate, constructive information and get our lives back to normal.
  3. The media, Big Tech, RINO never-Trumpers, Hollywood, comedians, pollsters, FBI/CIA/Homeland/NSA leaders, and the rest of the Deep State figures have been exposed for what they are. They’ve blown every ounce of their credibility and shown their true colors of unapologetic bias and corruption. Consequently, none of them will have anywhere near the same impact or influence in the future.
  4. Trump has expanded the conservative base to large percentages of blacks, Latinos, unions, police, and blue collar workers. As all of the them witness Biden’s incompetence and see all their income/employment gains erode over the next four years, expect those constituencies to increase even more.
  5. Republicans gained several seats in the House and maintained control of the Senate even though they had far more incumbent seats to defend. This will act as a check on the ability of Biden & Harris to f**k things up. They also prevented a shift of Republican control in a single state legislature.
  6. There is no Biden election/policy mandate. There was no landslide and he didn’t get elected on any discernible policy platform (other than hatred of Trump). To get things done in DC, you need Congress, and most of them are too gutless to support the president when the American people aren’t clearly behind his actions.
  7. Moderate Democrats will be frightened by this election. Over 70 million Americans voted for Trump, and I suspect most Dems with common sense know Biden wouldn’t have won without some shenanigans. Congressional and local elections did not go well for Democrats, so expect many moderates to resist socialist policy actions.
  8. The media can no longer hide who Joe Biden is. Throughout this campaign he has done virtually no interviews, has never been asked tough questions, has had his corruption & incompetence hidden, and has had his image carefully crafted by a media who put all their eggs in the hate-Trump basket. You can’t hide the President of the United States. People are about to see the real Joe Biden.
  9. Election fraud has far less chance of success in the future. You can bet far more auditing & verification will be put in for future elections – 70+ million Americans will fiercely demand it! And the country will never be healed unless it does happen.
  10. The Supreme Court is finally composed of a majority of members who will preserve the Constitution and check overreach of Congress & the President. Biden won’t have the ability to pack the court, so we’re safe for now.

I’ve always believed that things have to get far worse before they get better. We’re about to enter that period, but trust that America is too strong to stay down. We will get through the Biden presidency and emerge stronger than ever!

quote abraham lincoln america will never be destroyed from outside
quote reagen if we lose freedom here this is no place to escape this is the last stand on earth

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Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 11/07/2020

8 thoughts on “10 Positive Takeaways for Conservatives & Libertarians in Election 2020

  1. Just read the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and wait for Monday. This is far from over. MSM prematurely called the election.

  2. I was trying to look on the bright side of things and failing miserably. Found your article and I’ve found some hope again. Thank you! I’d share it on FB but I know it would just get blocked…

  3. Most of the so-called “conservative” folks on the Supreme Court have little to no respect for the Constitution or the limits on government power it was supposed to define. The historical ruling record of the newest justice falls quite in line with support for big government power as well. Some of the worst justices were nominated by republicans.

    You may find Lincoln to be worthy of high praise, but he did more to destroy the Constitution than any other president in our history, and his bloody, immoral, and treasonous war (he waged war on the citizens of the united states) is what set the state for the empire we now face today and fomented so many of the hatreds we still face. Reagan may have done a few good things, but the rampant deficit spending and massive growth in government size and power (especially in the area of medical freedom and the war on drugs), are as anti-freedom as you can find, and further set the tone for more massive deficits going forward.

    The best thing that could happen to this country would be to peacefully break apart and the federal government to go away entirely. Is that a possibility? It may be closer under Biden and the destruction he will create, than under Trump, so that is a positive takeaway. Until government power is reduced to the level that nobody has to fear whoever is in office for ANY reason, no vote should ever be trusted again.

  4. It’s too soon for this piece because nothing has been decided. They’re still counting votes right now and the President isn’t about to concede. There is ample proof of voter fraud that will be contested in court. Joe Biden made a big mistake by declaring himself the winner with everything still up in the air. How can a man break President Obama’s popular vote record of 70 million by 5 million votes and lose seats up and down the ballot? Those 75 million votes should’ve been a landslide victory with @380 electoral votes, 400+ House seats and 60+ in the Senate. None of that happened. It took over 3 days after the election was over for him to find enough (cough cough) legal ballots to barely win 5 states. 75 million votes shouldn’t equal limping past 270 electoral votes 72 hours after the election is over. And how exactly did Joe Biden receive 138,000 votes (in an update) in Michigan and not one of the other 4 candidates received a single one? The numbers don’t add up and more than just 70 million President Trump supporters know it.

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