Four Tips on Getting Around Big Tech Censorship

We’ve all seen Big Tech censorship taken to ridiculous levels the past year in regards to Covid, political correctness, pro-Trump posts, and really anything that doesn’t fit with the current Leftist, Globalist agenda. The big advantage conservatives & libertarians have is volume. There are billions of social media accounts posting billions of times daily. There are millions of websites generating content every day that exceeds the entire content of public libraries. Big Tech can’t possible hire people to manually cover it all, so just about everything is governed by programmed algorithms. With that in mind, here are some tips to get around them:

    1. Intentionally misspell keywords or add replacement punctuation. Think about words in posts that are normally censored or “fact” checked: stolen election, Trump, MAGA, Covid-19, vaccine, hydroxychloroquine, Deep State, etc.. So if you post something controversial or politically incorrect, change it up. For example, Wuuuuuuhan Viru$, Deeep $tate, MA!GA, vaxcine, and so on. This includes comments, memes, and even social group names. “Trump Fans” will automatically register high on the censorship algorithms, but if you name it “Trummmmmmp Fans”, you can maybe stay under the wire.
    2. Never use hashtags. Technically, a hashtag is designed to help in searches & “Trending” story rankings, but we all know Big Tech manipulates these to focus the stories they want to emphasize, so it’s a waste of time, and it makes it easy for the Thought Police programs to target you, as Facebook did with the mass banning of #StopTheSteal posts.
    3. Use Closed groups in social media. Much of the censorship comes from junior SS officers in your feed who report your unapproved thoughts. If you form closed groups where you must be invited in by someone, you keep out these fascism-enabling snowflakes.
    4. Create several alternate accounts. For example, create one personal account where you post nothing controversial, then another that uses your same name but a different email & other identifying info. This latter account would be used for sharing more controversial stuff. This way if you lose your free-speech account, you can create a new one while still maintaining communication with your friends & family through your non-controversial account. It’s sad that Big Tech companies are using the equivalent of the Chinese social credit system, which assigns a numerical value measuring how much of an obedient lemming you are who toes the line and never shares unapproved thoughts. So, for example, you’re docked points if you’re a Trump supporter (i.e. domestic terrorist) or if you share what they deem “misinformation.” You gain points if you post nothing controversial or express your approval for the Ruling Class. Accounts with too low a score get a 30-day suspension, or eventually have their accounts banned. But of course, the more you use the tips above, the less they can identify and dock your evil posts.

Of course, maintain other communication methods with your networks such as email groups, MeWe, and Parler. The above tips are for sharing information in the larger Big Tech platforms that the majority of the world continues to insist on using.

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2 thoughts on “Four Tips on Getting Around Big Tech Censorship

  1. If we included as many banned words as we could in every post, email, comment, could their algorithms keep up with it.

    Basically, is there a way can crash their world?

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