10 Things You Can Do Right Now to End the Covid Tyranny

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I’ve described in the past several reasons why I think Covid restrictions will NEVER end unless the people rise up to stop it. Almost all of us have repeatedly watched Covid fascists like Dr. Fauci refuse to give any tangible measure for when we can go back to normal, so what do we do about it? The best solution is to topple the power structure of Big Tech, Mainstream Media, Big Corporations, and the current Socialist/Communist government. But that will likely take years and many elections. However, here are 10 steps you can take right now to end this Covid medical police state.

  1. Don’t enforce unconstitutional Covid rules. Whether you’re a business owner, manager, police officer, or local politician, just stop enforcing dictates like mask mandates, limited capacity, restricted business hours, etc.
  2. Don’t wear facemasks ever if you’re healthy, even if you see a sign that it’s required. Most businesses put the sign up because they don’t want to get sued or shut down, but fewer and fewer are enforcing it. The vast majority of people wouldn’t wear masks if they thought they had a choice, but it’s difficult for people to be the ONLY one not doing so. If you set the standard that it’s ok to go maskless, more people will follow. Start a chain reaction! What’s the worst that could happen — someone asks you to put it on? If so, you can then either put it on or go somewhere else.
  3. Don’t buy from businesses that insist on strict enforcement of mask mandates.
  4. Buy more from businesses that allow you freedom to make your own choices.
  5. If you’re a business that believes in freedom, advertise it. Put up a big bold sign saying “Masks Are NOT Required,” “This Store is Part of Free America,” or something creative.
  6. Do whatever you can to get the voting system fixed in your local area. Support voter ID & other verification measures. Insist on vote monitoring & audits for future elections. We can’t change the past, but if we can ensure free & fair future elections, the current fascist regimes will get voted out in a hurry.
  7. Protest at the offices of local officials that continue to dictate Covid restrictions. A lot of politicians mistakenly believe most of the people want mask mandates and other Covid restrictions. Noisy protests can get their attention and show them people are fed up!
  8. Let the population know each and every time a local politicians votes for restrictions. Make sure people know who to vote against in the next election and who NOT to donate money to or support in any way.
  9. Move. Join the many people leaving communist governments such as New York and California for free states like Florida and Texas. Politicians will be far more motivated to change as they lose more of the working, taxpaying base of their population.
  10. Spread your message on social media to let people know they’re not alone. Post pictures of yourself maskless at Walmart. Let others know which businesses are part of Free America. Post lists of politicians who vote for restrictions. Do everything you can to stir the shitstorm and start a chain reaction of people breaking free of the Covid chains forever!

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Written By:
Joe Messerli
on 4/20/2021

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